Hold on tight…. and imagine this.

You get into a car crash on your way to work.

Car’s pretty totalled. Ambulance is on its way. Your boss is calling because you’re late.

Q: What’s going on in your mind?

Watch out: The A to that Q will predict your life’s levels of happiness and success.

Moment to moment, each and every one of us is writing our destiny, but few realize it.

The freedom you crave, the growth your soul seeks, the impact you’re inspired to make, and the authentic connection you can’t live without…

All of it.

Every. Single. One. Of. Those. Things.

They’re all contingent on the answer to the Q above.

What am I talking about?


Yes. The story. It’s running your life.

It’s either helping you or harming you.

So which is yours? Helping or harming?!

The good news is, you can *always* pick your story.

As an example, let’s go back to the car crash above.

What story would you tell yourself?

Would it be the story about how unlucky you are? How this kind of thing always happens to you? How much of a moron the other person was?

Or, would it be the story about how *lucky* you are that you didn’t get hurt? How you’re always so useful for people in times of crisis? How these kinds of things ultimately aren’t a HUGE deal.

Most people think of events as either “good” or “bad” – but in order to live the life we crave, we’ve gotta rewrite the story in our head about the “bad” things.

The passageway to freedom rests in between stimulus and response.

Stimulus = event.

Response = interpretation of the event & following action.

Instead of saying, “Why did this happen TO me?!” … try asking, “How did this happen FOR me?!”

You see – there’s reality – and then there’s the story we create about it.

And the story we create is what creates our life and defines our destiny.

Here’s another example.

Two guys travel overseas on an expedition to try and sell shoes to another part of the world.

They arrive, and the first guy calls home. “Hey, I’ve got bad news –nobody wears shoes here – forget about it, this was a stupid idea.” Discouraged, he leaves disappointed.

The second guy calls home. “Hey, I’ve got GREAT news – nobody wears shoes here – send a batch over, we’re about to be rich!”

Same event. Different story. Different destiny.

Some of the most painful experiences in our lives – the ones we wouldn’t wish on anyone – often end up being our best teachers, the catalyst to our character’s growth.

These stories above are an example of what I call “mastering your Inner Game” – and this exercise I just shared with you is one of many mindset shifts we explore inside The Inner Game Immersion.

You could complain, kvetch, and wallow in your sorrow about how much the universe hates you, and how much of a failure you are.


You could rewrite your story and take control of your destiny.

When you do…

You learn to turn your PAIN into your PURPOSE.

You learn to turn your STRUGGLE into your SUPERPOWERS.

You learn to turn your MESS into your MESSAGE.

You learn to turn your TRAUMA into your TEACHER.

Make sense?

Your story is your destiny.

If you’re looking to rewrite your story and want strategic guidance, I invite you to apply for The Inner Game Immersion.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you’ll join a community of inspiring badasses who are rewriting their destinies by mastering their Inner Game.

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