Welcome to the WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?! podcast.

We all know we’re gonna die…

But for our sanity, evolution must have installed some kinda “death-denial feature” in our software, because we act like we’ll live forever.

This is why death can feel so shocking. We knew death would happen one day but never really expect it.

Well, that’s been my experience with aging recently. I knew that shit would happen one day, but I thought that day was like 150 years from now.

A little backstory: I recently noticed my hairline starting to recede, so my optimistic self hit up my homey Google, knowing he’d come thru with a solution. But what I found was so contradictory, confusing, and misleading.

To cut through the chaos, I decided to reach out to another friend (and scientifically validated health revolutionary), Pilar Gerasimo. She’s the creator of Experience Life magazine (3 million+ people readership) and the co-host of The Living Experiment podcast.

When Pilar hit me back with some tough-love about acceptance, my initial response was something to the effect of: “Ah, fuck!”

I pushed back… she pushed back even more… and then she suggested I open up to my community about these personal challenges I was navigating. And so we recorded a podcast all about how to age wisely!

WTF86: How To Become More Attractive As You Age w/ Pilar Gerasimo

Come listen in and you’ll learn about:

  • The important difference between aging from “fear” vs “fun”
  • How to avoid losing your “social value” as you get older
  • Increasing your confidence + eliminating your “aging” insecurities
  • How to not become “George Costanza” and give up on looking good
  • Rebelling against society’s anti-aging propaganda and taking your power back

I go into some p-r-e-t-t-y, p-r-e-t-t-y personal stuff in the interview.

Have a listen and then hit me back and let me know whatcha think!

The wisdom in this conversation was super helpful for me. And I hope it’s helpful for you too!

Peace yo.