Written by Rebecca Hunter.

How’s life? Feel like it’s working for ya these days…?

We’re curious because we’ve been thinking a lot lately about exactly what it is that makes our lives work. What are the common threads that are present whenever life feels like it’s going our way? How much sleep are we getting? What are we eating? How are we spending our days?

The idea is that if we know what we’re doing when life feels good, we can more easily recreate those times when life isn’t feeling so hot.

Check out the “When Life Works” list video:

This idea came about after we chatted to Sean Stephenson for our upcoming virtual conference for peeps who kinda wanna be coaches, but who wanna hear the real story about the industry from the people who are actually rocking it (stay tuned for that!).

Sean talked about “When Life Works” as an exercise he does to keep himself on track and prevent himself from feeling that life’s just not going right.

And since we wanna make sure you’re rocking your life, we’ve created a free tool to help you create your own “When Life Works” list. Use it to track the things that make you feel good, and review it each and every AM to remind yourself of how to make sure life works every day.

Free Download: The “When Life Works” List

And let us know in the comments — what’s on *your* list?

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  • Wow, what an awesome post! It spoke to me on a deep (dare I say rooted) level. I have struggled with the high highs and low lows, to the point I feel whipped. With some work and focus on being more objective about what is working, I hope it will keep me moving in the right direction. Thanks so much Jacob and Iris.

  • Love this post/video! I just recently made a "What do I like to do?" list, and I make sure I carve out time to do things I enjoy every day. And now this "When Life Works" list is the perfect addition to my other list (I love lists, can you tell?) so I make sure I get those fundamentals in everyday as well. What perfect timing! (I always feel so in sync with Sensophy! haha) It's little steps like these that help get you to that happy place, and like you said, Jacob, "Happiness leads to success!" Much thanks and love! xoxo

  • I needed to hear this today. I printed it off for me and I'm going to fill it out now :)

  • jeffmendelsohn

    Thanks. I appreciate your video today. It resonates for me. nYou both rock. Jeff

  • Rachel

    I definitely experience this all of the time. I will start focusing on tuning into those things which really 'make life work' for me. Could we see what a day in the life of Jacob is like?

    • At this point in the day, it's watermelon, shower, nap time. Anything specifically you're interested in knowing?

  • I'm loving this video! nOn my 'when life works' list: doing a different job every single day! last weekend, working on a awesome festival dressed in suit checking vip wristbands, today working as a light engineer in a theatre, tomorrow service & crowd control at a Concert, friday at home editing a short film for WWF, saturday musician on a vikingmarket, sunday as a traffic guard during a soccer game and next monday working in europe biggest tv broadcast studio. Every day is exciting, meeting lot's of beautiful and inspiring people, travel to different locations, learning and experiencing new things. nI started out listening to other people telling me I had to focus on one job after my bachelor to make a career: I tried it and it didn't make me happy. I realized I had to stop trying to be what others thought I was… I had to take back the responsibility over my own life and start listening to my own inner voice! Happiness comes from within :) nI guess life is full of surprises.. I Never ever ever could have imagined I actually would love to work in the rain as a traffic guard, but for some unknown reason this job gives me so much pleasure! >x<

    • Wow, Chantal! Sounds like you're up to some pretty diverse things over there. I guess they do say that variety is the spice of life :) And if it's working so well for you, all the better! n nThanks so much for sharing :) Glad you enjoyed the video.

  • Glad you appreciated it, April! :)

  • Amy

    Thank you Jacob and Sensophy! What's on my List right now: nOil Pulling, exercise, meditation/prayer, eating clean, shower, get creative, Philosophers Notes/Daily Love with Journaling and protein powder green drink. :)

    • I love your list, Amy! So much goodness on there. I feel better just reading it :) n nI've always been curious about oil pulling… I think I should do some more research into it.

  • Our pleasure! :o)

  • Hehe… Me too! n

  • Yayuh!

  • Hehehe… Yayuh!

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  • Shalis

    I really enjoyed the video and I love the root system analogy for fundamentals! nWhen life works I am: n-eating nutrient dense plant based food n-exercising n-being kind and loving to my husband n-being kind and loving to my pets n-avoiding judgmental thoughts n-keeping my home clean n-playing with the dogs n-keeping a daily gratitude log n-going out of my way to be kind

  • Eeva

    I've been doing my inner work for a while now and was in a low low place, ready to think it was all stupid and not working. But then I accidentally found your site and got my inspiration back. nWhile I was listening to your awesome video I discovered that I'm already doing a few things I love every day. For instance I meditate every day before bedtime when everything is quiet and calm and I'm really looking forward to just that moment every day. nIn the mornings I usually read newspaper when having breakfast. One day I thought – news really sucks. They're always saying what people have done wrong and what kind of accidents have happened. So I stopped reading my usual newspaper and started reading only good news every day. It makes me feel really good in the mornings to find out how many good people there are worldwide. nNow I just have to complete my list with other things including writing a diary, drawing small cute pictures to myself, reading an interesting book, going for walks (preferably in nature), listening to my favorite music and making jokes that make my loved ones laugh.

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