Written by Rebecca Hunter.

How’s life? Feel like it’s working for ya these days…?

We’re curious because we’ve been thinking a lot lately about exactly what it is that makes our lives work. What are the common threads that are present whenever life feels like it’s going our way? How much sleep are we getting? What are we eating? How are we spending our days?

The idea is that if we know what we’re doing when life feels good, we can more easily recreate those times when life isn’t feeling so hot.

Check out the “When Life Works” list video:

This idea came about after we chatted to Sean Stephenson for our upcoming virtual conference for peeps who kinda wanna be coaches, but who wanna hear the real story about the industry from the people who are actually rocking it (stay tuned for that!).

Sean talked about “When Life Works” as an exercise he does to keep himself on track and prevent himself from feeling that life’s just not going right.

And since we wanna make sure you’re rocking your life, we’ve created a free tool to help you create your own “When Life Works” list. Use it to track the things that make you feel good, and review it each and every AM to remind yourself of how to make sure life works every day.

Free Download: The “When Life Works” List

And let us know in the comments — what’s on *your* list?

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