Michael Yap

"Two words to describe this product. Life Changing. Jacob's personality really shines through his products. Well designed, easy to read, even funny to listen to. I have purchased several other products similar to this, but Living On Purpose is one of the best. The worksheets are full of questions that will help you understand who you are and what your purpose is. A highly recommended product for anyone looking to improve their current situation. Do yourself a favour - you won't be disappointed."

Michele Raucci

"I wanted you tell you how much I truly appreciate what you done for me and Chris! Your book (as well as yourself) is beyond amazing!! All the exercises are so helpful too! And ever since we finished the book we have been on non stop adventures! I just thought I would let you know this bro-ham!! ^__^ I'm really glad Chris met you and through him I met you myself!! This has truly been a life changing experience!"