“Everyone has a purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.”
– Deepak Chopra

A Life On Purpose

Right now I’m gonna slide you some super cool simple ideas that’ll guide you toward finding your life’s purpose. We’re gonna spend a couple of seconds intentionally searching for and identifying what it is that you love most in life — whether it’s smurfs, snowboarding, farmer’s markets or 80s night . We’re also gonna speak about service and how you actually can help yourself while by helping the world. Wild!

How My Search Began

The shot clock’s ticking, are you ready for the game changing question? Here goes: WHY? Why do you want to have a purpose in life? Personally, if I look back about 5 years in my life, it was really quite simple why.

Straight up, no excuses: I wanted to score chicks! =) It’s true, I love women and I wanted to study how attraction worked, so I did. What I discovered was nothing short of spectacular.

The people who were the best in the world at attracting the opposite sex were not who I would have suspected. It wasn’t jamming Johnny with the super smooth sounding pick-up lines. The people who were most attractive and successful were the ones who had a purpose in life!

Why Have A Purpose?

Fast forward five years. When I wake up in the morning with my love laying by my side, it’s freaky how often she mistakes me for Brad Pitt (clearly from Fight Club). Besides operating an underground ring of boxing gyms, some other amazing things are evident in my days today that weren’t 5 years ago.

I wake up enthusiastic, I’m happy for no reason, and I have a safety net of security that exudes confidence because no matter what I do, as long as it’s in line with my purpose, I’m on track.

Solution In Theory: The 3 Pillars

The Formula: Purpose = Passion + Service + Excellence
    1. Passion: What do you love so much that you would pay to do it, every day, for the rest of your life? This is the thing that you just can’t stop yapping your flapper about.
    2. Service: How can you extend a helping hand to the world? Where can you create vital value for people that will improve their quality of life?
    3. Excellence: What can you be truly great at? What are your strengths and how can you use them as much as possible on a daily basis?

Allow my dude Deepak to drop another dosage of dopeness on you:

“You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something you can do better than anyone else in the whole world — and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence.”

“When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma (aka purpose). And coupled with the experience of your own spirituality, plus the field of pure potentiality, there is no way you will not have access to unlimited abundance, because that is the real way abundance is achieved.”

Solution In Action: The 3 Steps

    1. Honor yourself: Feel the power of being cut from the same universal cloth as everyone and everything. Choose to commit to being the best person that you can be, in every interaction. That includes creating your unique version of an extraordinary life.
    2. Make 3 lists:
      • What do you love most in life?
      • What are your talents?
      • How can you serve the world?
      Commit to figuring out where these lists intersect.
    3. Be open: Start simple and every day, continue to ask yourself: How can I do what I love, in the best way possible, that will provide value to people? Follow your heart when you hear the answer!

Finding *YOUR* Purpose

If you are looking for your purpose, know that it probably won’t appear instantly. It takes time to develop a deep sense of self awareness, so enjoy the process. As a helpful hint, for now, you can make your purpose to find your purpose. There’s great service to everyone in you making that commitment.

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  • Natasha

    You are my Brad Pitt with the red leather jacket ! <3 ……Does that make me the gorgeous Angelina Jolie (He- He)

    Love this post .. working on my 3 pillars – Finally after years I found number one!

    Keep Kill'en it !!!

    • YUMMY. You can be anyone you wanna be, as long as you're you. Keep rocking -=)

  • very dope my man. i'm lovin' that i'm on my path to find my purpose, too – my days are filled with more excitement and happiness! appreciate the reminders on how EXACTLY to tackle this challenge. jazzed to see how you being on purpose continues to manifest – keep up the rockin work!

    • Good looks my dude -=)… My pleasure on the reminder and as you know, i'm privileged to be constantly kicking it with you these days as we individually create our ideal lives together. More freshness to fly soon…

  • LissyLou0507

    Sounds like you are living with great enthusiasm. I'm loving the energy you bring to the world. I am excited to get to share this with my friends, hopefully it will spark something up in their life. Thanx~

    • u kick butt alissa! good looks on the share, major flavor!! -=)

  • Love it Jaaaaacob… love Deepak and his theory of Dharma! Rock on buddy xxx

    • Word yo. Deepak is deep -=) Delicious stuff. Thanks for the comment love.

  • Dadad

    Real power

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  • Ok – I am 55, almost 56 – but you are the first person I have understood in the past year, regarding finding MY PURPOSE. I am going through another transition due to unemployment', and have recreated myself several times, career-wise. At current age, I am no longer willing to settle for 'a job' – and always thought my purpose was to have a job helping people. Helping people how? That is the question I am now chasing.

    Your post and clear simple language has helped me more than anyone else. Why?- it struck me as oh is that all I am supposed to be doing? It does not come to me in a dream?

    Thanks!! Glad to have found you.

    • WOW Darleen. What a wonderful place to be playing in. I love how you are asking such big questions. Hold your intention lightly and take baby steps toward it.

      It is so cool that this touched you. Chat soon!

  • Toni

    Jacob you are awesome!!!

    you are such an inspiring soul!!!

    hugs from Toronto

    • Haha – thanx so much Toni… Stoked ur diggin' it! -=)

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  • Between Sensophy and PhilosophersNotes, I'm sure to have about 100 spiral bound notebooks full! You are amazing and I am SO GRATEFUL that you have this site, you are you and that I have the ability to read and understand you! I know this is old but I'm just finding your site today.

    • To be mentioned in the same sentence as PNs, is of the highest complement for me. Thank you! -=)

      I'm loving your appreciation. It's the community members like *YOU* that make Sensophy what it is.

      Chat soon!!

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  • Matt

    You saved my life. I've been searching for a while now and have been very depressed about my lack of direction, but you somehow put it into perspective for me in a way that others could not, and I now know where i stand. thank you, thank you, thank you. May your life be blessed, as mine is now.

    With love,

    • WOW!

      Not too much to say to that! :) If there's anything else i can do, just reach out to me.

      Keep in contact and here's to an extraordinary 2012 homey!!!

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  • wyofarmgirl

    Is is possible to fulfill one's purpose and retire from purpose?

    • It depends on how we define purpose! But i think so. :)

  • Alphagod Nexus

    Jacob, I've been looking for my purpose for a very long time. Yet no matter what I do, I can't figure it out at all. I looked at your stuff and it actually helped cleared a bit of my mind. But not completely. But I'm thinking you maybe the person I've been looking for to help me figure it out. Please look up the name I have above and look me up on facebook. I think we might be able to work something out to help my find my purpose and, maybe even, my destiny. Please friend me as soon as you can. Thank you very much for your time.

    • Sup yo! I'm ready anytime you are. Just let me know. :)

      • Alphagod Nexus

        Okay, Im ready

  • When we talk about purpose, it's hard for somebody like me to really understand and follow. I watched some of the motivation videos or how to find your purpose in life, it just become a circle where I can't escape. Writing down steps and goals just don't help either.