That’s right. This actually happened. Tim Ferriss’ philosophy took me to a Jets game with Gary Vaynerchuk. This page will tell you all you never needed to know about how it happened. Each summary below links to a fully documented description.

Gary Vee tweets Jacob Sokol

Gary Vee tweets Jacob Sokol

The Philosophy

Why It’s Realistic To Be Unrealistic

Tim Ferris says 99% of people are convinced that they can’t achieve extraordinary things in life. That makes gigantic goals surprisingly accessible for the 1% who think they can. When you dare to dream big, it’s like taking a spiritual syringe and giving yourself a strong shot of enthusiasm laced with adrenaline, right in your forehead!

The Challenge

I’ve Been Challenged to Find Gary Vee… I Accept!

A certain Sensophizer was super inspired by the idea. So much so, that he “challenged” me to embody it and take Gary Vee to a Jets game before he owns the team. I intentionally misplaced my mind and decided to accept.

The Realization

Crap. What Did I Get Myself Into?!

I had a confession. When I accepted this half-courageous, half-crack-headed challenge, I had no freaking idea how big of a deal Gary Vaynerchuk really was. If nothing else comes from this, at least I know I’m the living embodiment of my values and demonstrating what I stand for. Talk is cheap but walk is steep.

The Heart

My Method for Spilling Guts to Gary Vaynerchuk!

Before it was time to take it to the tweets, I dived to the drawing boards to devise a game-plan. Gary happens to be one fine piece of meat. Unfortunately for him, I’m a vegetarian. Building the body of my email to him will be fun because I’m basing it on our similarities.

The Patience

Overcoming The Post Honeymoon Hump

Although the purpose of this challenge is to exemplify to the world that you can follow your heart and live your dream, I don’t want to mislead people and pretend everything’s all shih-tzus and smiley faces. Is sitting next to sir Gary Vaynerchuk at a Jets game really worth me letting my life enter a state of organized confusion?

The Verdict

I’m Going To A Jets Game With Gary Vaynerchuk!!!

A world of words couldn’t possibly describe the deep physiological reaction I felt after reading Gary’s reply to me. I spent the next 30 minutes in celebration doing 90 on the highway screaming sounds I haven’t made since I was a sophomore in high school. I forgot how creative I can be sometimes.

The Lessons

7 Gutsy Guidelines To Grabbing Your Heart’s Holdings

I composed a memoir mentioning my most valuable lessons learned while following my heart on the hero’s journey. When I decide to take Tim Ferriss to a tango dance, this will be my guide for doing so.

The Game

Jets Game Day: Huddles and Shugs

Welcome to one of the biggest days of my life. Not just because I’m hanging out with a handsome hunk like Gary Vee, but mainly because I willed it to be that way. I took an outrageous idea and turned it into my life.

Here’s Where You Come In…

I took on this challenge to demonstrate to the world that achieving your dreams is possible. If the world doesn’t know about what went on here then they won’t be inspired by it!

It would mean the world to me if you could share this story with someone: your grandma, your shrink, or preferably, your favorite social network. You can do so below.

If you have any questions about this or just wanna chat, let’s make that happen!


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  • Dude you put others to task, including myself, with this! It's awesome to see that when you truly put your mind to something you CAN make it happen. No matter how far fetched it seems in the beginning.

    You are someone doing shit and it's refreshing and I take the challenge to keep up with ya bro!


    P.S. I got hard nippled excitement for your new look on top with the Sen-sophy and about Jacob header, did you rock that yourself?

    • Hahaha… bro, THANK YOU! I'm ecstatic that i've got a new running partner to pass the ball with. I'm really touched that this inspired you to show up more fully.

      Keep being Eric and you're bound to be successful.

      PS: I can't wait to hear more about your hard nipples. Thanx. @gvldesigner did it for me. Great price if your interested.

  • Hey Jacob,
    This is totally sweet man! Congrats on doing this!

    I really love your blog design, formatting and the style of your posts! Your blog is gonna be huge someday soon:) and I'm getting to know you in the early stages. hehe.

    Peace out homie

    • Diggy my dude. Really appreciate the kind words homeboy! Thanx so much. I'm looking fwd to continuing to link. Chat soon…

  • Woo hoo Jacob!

    It has been fun to watch this unfold from the get-go. Huge props!!!! What a great example of what a person can achieve taking one baby step after another~ amazing and seemingly impossible things can happen!
    Can't wait to see Gary bust out that green sweatshirt you made him. Now I'm even MORE impressed with him, because he's taken "walk the talk" to an entirely different level….and so have YOU! So you've got me thinkin', how can I push MY edges today?

    You Rock,

    • E-BOOOGALOO! You are SO money. Thanx for the never ending incredible support you supplied me with. You are WONDER-WOMAN. No doubt about that!

  • Hey Jacob..
    I'm digging what you got going on here. This is a really inspiring post bro – thanks for sharing it with me.

    I gotta agree with Diggy, I see your blog going places man. Keep it up – I just shared your post on Twitter & FB

    talk soon

    • Hec, dude. Thank you so much man… I'm getting full body chills and teary eyed right now. What an emotional roller-coaster.

      I really appreciate the share man and i'm not sleeping on you dude. Keep crushing it, showing up fully as you've been doing. Great things with big hearts ahead.

      Chat soon dude!

  • Hell of a story man, keep it up and can't wait to see what other unrealistic things come from you after this story!!

    • Most def dude. Neither can i! Chat soon…

  • Natasha

    "You bring the music of your mind to elevate human kind, you have touched my soul, you're so divine, You;re so sublime, you got so much soul to put it plain and simple.. You are wonderful" -India Arie

    • OMG. i had no idea who India Arie was no less that she made a hit song about me! Thank you.

  • Jayne

    Fantastic format Jacob….really easy to read and super inspiring! This would be a great format for goal-setting!

    • Haha, i like where your minds at Jayne. Gonna' get back to you about the next unrealistic thing. It's been on my mind. Also, wondering whats up with you (and your future!)… Chat Wednesday!

  • Brilliant inspiration and what a story with so many stories woven into it. Love the gutsy email you send GV. How could he refuse your passion, bravado and energy. Looks like two like minds:)

    • Haha… So cool Annabel, you just brought a huge cheese smile to my grill piece! =D

      Gary is one hell of a fella' – there's something so refreshing about ferociously following your heart with faith – especially in service to the world.

      Thanx for the share and care and i look fwd to some more future chatting -=)

  • That's awesome. A really entertaining and inspiring read. Looking forward to further posts from you.

    • Thanx dude. Looking fwd to creating further posts for you! Chat soon -=)

  • Cracking story, Thanks for sharing.

    Actually my first time here, so I am looking forward to having a digg through your site.

    • Dopeness dude! If you wanna' chat, make sure you hit me up – even if it's just for some mental ping-pong! Later Milt!

  • Lynne

    Inspiration Jacob – you got it, you are it. Bless you. x

    • Thanx Lynne! But i didn't sneeze! ;) Smiles.

  • As I said in the email. You’re moving fast. Keep it up.

    Read the whole “adventure”. Awesome that you kept pushing even after everything pointed to a no. Lead by example is what I say, and you’re doing just that.

    • MAN! Just read your email and i still have chills going through my body bro, seconds later. AMAZING. Honored to be engaging with you and i appreciate the heart felt interaction. It speaks louder than words (even your detailed ones!)

  • what an exciting journey. love it and how you chronicled it. educational, entertaining, and inspiring – you hit the trifecta! watch out world. sensophy is here to stay.

  • Brian

    YAYUH!! Love it, dood!! :)

  • The new format is really fabulous….super clear and it draws you in like a magnet! It really works!
    Congratulations on the explosion of energy coming your way!!!! Fasten your seat belt………. this is just the beginning : )

    • Thanx Kathy! Excited to see how we actualize our visions with virtue! Chat soon -=)

  • Just got around to reading this. Very inspirational Jacob. Keep making things happen!

    • Thanx dude. Lookin' fwd to keeping it juicy ;)

  • U did a really good job ;)

  • Tom Meitner

    It shocks me that a guy can even pull this off. What an awesome and inspiring story! Too bad the Packers aren't playing the Jets again this year, or I'd book it and mail Gary a ticket!

    • Haha Tom.. That was EXACTLY the point… glad you let it get to you! -=) Chat soon…

  • That is just ridiculously awesome! great story!

    • LOL dude. Thrilled you found it! Yap soon yo…

  • Bernice Wood

    This is awesome! I just read something concerning achieving New Years resolutions. 1. Make a decsion 2. Make it happen. And man, you did!


    8 week Journey to Balance

    • Haha… thanx so much — glad you dugg it!! -=)

      Chat soon!

  • What's crackin Jacob,

    Man I listened to you tell this story on BlogcastFm and I was like damn, that's what it's all about. Making things happen. This really hit home with me and I'm glad to come across you. I'm going to be following you for two reasons. First because you seem hella cool and down to earth. Second I think we have some similarities.

    Thanks big time.

    • Hahaha… thanx dude… thrilled you got something outta' it – really!! Looking fwd to continuing to link moving fwd. Chat soon yo!

  • Very impressed what an awesome stretch goal and thanks for sharing how you did it.

  • lori

    Hey Jacob,
    I like this: " Talk is cheap but walk is steep. I like your blog. I'm folllllllllllllllllllllllowing you!

    • It likes you too -=)….. Happy to have you on board!