Are you ready to challenge your comfort-zone?

Join us for a free comfort-zone challenge.

If you’re up for playing, this challenge will help you…

  1. Expand your assumptions about what you think is possible in your life
  2. Develop the skill of asking for what you really REALLY want
  3. Overcome your fears of rejection and develop more courage

The goal of the game is simple… collect NOs by asking for things you’d like.

Here are some examples:

- “Can I get a free upgrade to biz-class on my flight?”

- “Can I get a 10% discount on my coffee?”

- “Can I get a raise in my salary?”

- “Can I get time off of work to go traveling for a month?”

- “Can our company pay for a training I’d like to take?”

- “Would you be open to grabbing a quick coffee?”<<-- emailed to an author you love

- “Would you like to go out on a date?” <<-- said to someone you’re attracted to

- “Would you be open to trying this in the bedroom?” <<-- said to your lover

Remember… the goal of the game is collect NOs... so the more NOs you collect, the better you’re doing. :)

And, as a side effect of playing, you’ll stop taking things so personally and start to rewire your nervous system to feel rejection-proof.

Once you get told no, you’ll want to come share about it in our free super supportive FB group. We’ll shower you with celebration and share our own stories of getting NOs.

Now listen, evvvvvvvvvery once in awhile, you’ll fail and get told YES. ;) So, be prepared just in case some awesome things start popping up in your life. :)

The challenge is completely free. And we’d love your support in spreading the word. Invite your friends, colleagues, family, whoever!

Different people will have different sized comfort-zones so we really celebrate and cater to people at all levels. 


Why is The No Game so effective?

95% of stress in life comes from trying to control external circumstances… people, outcomes, opinions, etc. But the only thing you actually can control is YOURSELF… your actions, habits, and interpretations of events.

By focusing on collecting NOs, you take life back into your own hands because you’re no longer depended on external circumstances. You’re just focused on the process of ASKING. And the more you get told NO, the more you usually get told YES too. ;)


My mind is battling with, "but I want a yes". Is that bad?

If in your heart you’re hoping for a YES, that’s understandable. Most people hate the idea of getting told NO. So they don’t ask for what they really want. Or, they DO ask but when the answer is NO, they feel rejected, take it personally, and stop asking in the future to protect their self-esteem. The NO Game flips that model on it’s head.

As you play, you’ll start to rewire your brain to understand that a “NO” is positive by the sheer fact that a yes/no question was asked. The true spirit of this game is in focusing on the process, not the outcome. Because ultimately, the only thing you can ever control in life is YOUR actions. The more action you take outside of your comfort-zone, the bigger your courage-muscle will get. :)

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.” -Anais Nin


Are there some things that are NOT okay in The NO Game?

Here are some examples of what’s NOT okay:

- Harassing someone once you get told NO

- Trying to make someone feel guilty for telling you NO

- Manipulating or blatantly lying to people (white lies are normal)

- Violating someone’s personal space or boundaries

- Playing the game drunk or intoxicated


Is it possible that The No Game will make me feel like a loser? I hate rejection.

We all hate rejection. That’s why so many of us play small and stay in our comfort zone. But if you don’t ask for what you want in life, you’ll never get it.

This is your chance to redefine your relationship to rejection and overcome the obstacles that keep you from living the most fulfilled life possible. Tell us about NOs in the FB group and we will celebrate you like a king or queen!!! Connecting with others playing The NO Game makes it 10x more easy, fun, and effective.


I wanna play but I’m kinda scared. Any advice?

If part of you is excited but another part is scared, that’s perfect! The #1 most effective thing you can do is BREATHE. And then breathe some more. Especially in the moments you feel the fear in your body. Instead of trying to THINK your way out of fear, learn to breath into it and it’ll turn into excitement! ;)


I don’t wanna be judged. What if I ask for something and people get offended?

Remember, you can never control other people’s opinions of you. And trying to will keep you living a life that isn’t authentic. That said, 95% of people aren’t offended as long as you don’t harass them, try to make them feel guilty, lie to them or violate their personal space.

Just be kind and honest while asking. If you’re nervous about people getting offended, start small. Ask to take a picture with a police officer. Ask if you can borrow a puppy from the shop for a weekend. Ask if the bakery has any free samples available. :)

Questions? Hit us up.