Confucius, Aristotle, and Plato… You don’t need to be one of those dudes to be a philosopher. In fact, when we break down the word *PHILO*-*SOPHY*, we’ll find that the word originates from two terms whose meanings translate to *LOVER* of *WISDOM*.

Well today, i’m sharing some wisdom with you which will change your life. This is the nitty-gritty of what i absolutely adore. This is like baby-mamma, honeymoon at midnight, wanna wrap her in a warm blanket and eye gaze for days, LOVE. This is what does it for me. This is my love for applying simple wisdom to create an extraordinary life.

One of my favorite philosophies is the line of thought that SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. People aren’t born great, they’re trained great. And when we mature enough to cultivate our ability to consciously retrain ourselves, WE BECOME GREAT!

We go on our Easter egg hunt… find what works… and apply it to raise our quality of life. Sounds so sexalishous right?


Well, speaking of sexalishousness, here’s another thing that i love… It’s learning about what the “RETRAINING PROCESS” was like for my inspirations… And one of the absolute best ways to do that is by finding out who inspired our inspirations.

For instance, i “came up” (Queens NY slang for “grew up”) deeply digging the philosophy of Bruce Lee. Now I never took any “philosophy” class in college. And i wasn’t particularly fond of “psychology.”

Actually, the closest i came to a psychology was when my mom made me see a shrink when i was 13 years old and running rampant around the neighborhood after hours. Don’t tell mom but I slept through most of those sessions. (love you ma!)

The wisdom which my boy Bruce exuded changed me. It really spoke to me. He was talking about things like “honestly expressing ourselves,” “trusting ourselves to be our own light,” “and that ultimately, all knowledge is self-knowledge.” But who’s wisdom was it that changed Bruce’s life?

Who Inspires Your Inspirations?

As much as i admired Bruce, i never questioned who the people were that inspired HIM. What i’ve come to find out in the last year is that one of Bruce’s biggest inspirations was a dude named Jiddu Krishnamurti. Some of the exact things that i listed above, the ones which resonated most with me, were things that came directly from Krishnamurti. Bat shit say no way!

Well today, i’m going to tell you about MY Krishnamurti.

I’m going to tell you about the single thing that had the biggest impact on my life in the last two years. This is the thing that took me from living an unfulfilled life to an extraordinary life!


If Sensophy were to shoot up into flames today, and burn to bits, god bless its virtual soul, i would trust THIS thing with giving you EVERYTHING YOU’LL EVER NEED TO KNOW about living an extraordinary life! (It’s up to you to apply it.) It’s THAT good!!

It was with the guidance of this thing that i found my purpose and developed the courage to take powerful action toward it. It motivated me to start meditating everyday while working toward mastering my mind. I overcame fears, enthusiastically embraced non conformity, and starting living my dreams.

But enough about me. Let’s get to the goods.

Optimal Living 101!

The “thing” that gave my life a radical makeover was a course called OPTIMAL LIVING 101. It was created by my now friend and mentor, Brian Johnson. Here’s a bit of information about it from the official website:

“From old school sages to modern scientists, all the great teachers come back to the same ideas again and again. There are 10 principles for creating our most authentically awesome lives.

Optimal Living 101 is all about tapping into the Universal Truths as taught by the world’s most incredible teachers — from the old school sages like Marcus Aurelius and the Buddha to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Campbell and Abraham Maslow all the way up to modern teachers and positive psychologists who are *scientifically* establishing what works in creating a life of true meaning, joy, love, appreciation, creativity, wisdom, kindness, generosity, hope, optimism, energy, and enthusiasm.

It’s all about living our truths. For the record, Optimal Living 101 is NOT about getting rich (or enlightened or whatever) quick. And we’re definitely not going to talk about any “Secrets” that’ll manifest shiny toys at your command. It’s all about INTEGRITY — diligently, patiently, persistently and (very importantly!) playfully embodying our truths and rocking our fundamentals so that what we say is important to us actually aligns with who we are and how we show up in the world in this precious hero’s journey of ours.

These 10 Principles appear again and again throughout the wisdom literature and are designed to guide you in optimizing your 21st century life. Each week, we’ll discuss the most empowering ideas from the last 2,500 years and give you practical wisdom to help you feel even more on purpose, in integrity, joyful and all that other goodness.

10 principles, 20 classes. Download a 90+ minute class led by Brian Johnson, the creator of PhilosophersNotes as he shares his favorite Big Ideas on each Principle + get an additional 60+ minute “Embodiment” call where Brian dives deeper into the Ideas in dynamic discussions with a small group of students–helping bring the Ideas from the main call to life!

Brian’s style of teaching makes the most revolutionary Ideas easy to grasp and fun to implement. Plus his sense of humor, playfulness, and laid back attitude will make each class an experience you’ll to look forward to listening to.”

The Sensophy Stamp of Approval

Here’s a copy of my testimonial from the official “PRAISE” page:

“Brian is a master in the art of living. The wisdom, courage, truth and love that his presence exudes is nothing short of astoundingly spectacular! Lucky for us, he has created the ultimate crash course on how to live a kick-ass life!

The flow of the classes felt similar to chatting with a wise old best friend. I have yet to come across a more potent, powerful, and *practical* product for increasing my everyday overall quality of life.

Optimal Living 101 has brought me clarity on my purpose, my relationships, and most of all, on my understanding of self. I can’t recommend this course enough!!”

A Sneak Peak

I’m making you aware of this now because, in my eyes, engaging in this course is the single most powerful thing you can do RIGHT NOW to live and extraordinary life.

Sensophy wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Optimal Living 101. LITERALLY.

If you listen to the week 9 embodiment call, you can hear Brian supporting me in my decision to create Sensophy and a life around doing what i love.

You can also check out 10 of my favorite epiphanies of Optimal Living (out of 1000s!!)

If you’re really interested in living an extraordinary life, (a life filled with things like Optimism, Purpose, Self-Awareness, Goals, Action, Energy, Wisdom, Courage, Love, and Spirituality) then go hang out with Brian and the Optimal Living group and let it change your life.

The simplest way to get started is to learn more about Optimal Living 101 on the official page now. And of course, let me know if you have any questions!!

On purpose,


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  • Hey Jacob!
    Okay you sold me! I'm in!
    I decided to take your advice for a few reasons
    1.) I'm on the verge of truly lasting personal development and its been my biggest focus right now to lay down the strong foundation to be the person I truly want to be. I feel like this course will help me to keep going and give me some guidelines to lay that down as well as think about some things I haven't touched on.

    2.) While I do live my life to be inspired, I also live it to inspire others to be who they are meant to be. It is one of my passion projects to create a course one day myself, and one of the best ways to do anything is to go through what leaders and mentors have already done and learn from them.

    3.) So you can get some affiliate commission that I expect you to save until I'm back in NYC b/c we're going out for drinks haha

    4.) I LOVED your 10 epiphanies of optimal living.

    OKAY well I'll have to hit you up sometime and talk to you about some of the things I'm learning! I'm really excited about this!
    – LAUREN :D

  • Hey Jacob,

    Brian was kind enough to help me out and provide me with Optimal Living and the rest of his great works through his Scholarship program. I'm excited and can't wait to dig in. Thanks for sharing your take on it. It's obviously very powerful. Take care.

    Live is good, Live it up!

  • I'm downloading it now. Going to put it on my mp3 player and listen to it as I jog. Kill two birds with one stone type of thing. Got a little baby girl due at the end of May, but if my finances improve, I'll definitely give back what I can to Brian.

    • WOW dude!! Congratz!!!!!!!!!

      Love the jog and listen as well.

  • I also did the course last summer and I also can not praise it enough! It created a important shift in me at a moment that I really desired it. I deepened my connection to "Who I Am" ….to my soul, and as a result it created a dynamic expansion in my consciousness that has never slowed down….it is moving at warp speed!
    To all that read this…just do it! You will love it!! it will open up doors in a gentel and profound way that will never close again.
    love and light to all!

    • So cool Kathy.

      Stoked that it had such a similarly profound and powerful impact on your everyday life. AND, grateful that it brought us together.

      Love and light back atcha!!

  • I TOTALLY agree, Jacob – I was in last years' course and now I listen to those recordings as one of my main tools for staying in inspiration, or regaining it when I slip. If I have ten minutes before a call of my own, I'll jump on one of Brian's OL101 recordings at random and soak it in.

    • Ahhhh that is really cool Scout. Up until last week i hadn't revisited the OL101 stuff but when i did, WOW! Same impact, still there, spiritual punch to the soul telling me to get with it!!

      Hope all is well in your world. Much love!!

  • Sounds cool, but what's it got to do with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament?

    • LOL!! That's so Feng Shui of you to say! -=)