Today I wanna talk about a problem that I see. And the problem is with a happy life.

I mean, we see this all the time, right? People are looking for a life of smooth-sailing and blissed-out happiness. But lemme ask you this…

What’s your biggest dream that’s deep down in your heart?

  • When I was 18, I wanted to be an “all city” graffiti writer…
  • When I was 21, I wanted to be a millionaire…
  • When I was 25, I wanted to inspire 8 million people…
  • And now, well, I’ll tell you about that in a minute…

But first, what’s your biggest dream?

  • Maybe you wanna have a 7-figure business that makes a massive impact….
  • Maybe you wanna be a best-seller on Oprah sharing your message with the masses…
  • Maybe you wanna create an amazing family and raise quality kids…  

Whatever your wildest dream is, I ask you this…

Say I could make that dream a reality for you. Right now. Today. In this moment. That was your reality…

Would having what you want be easy? Or would having it force you to face challenges bigger than most challenges you’ve ever faced before?


Running a big biz… that’d mean being responsible fpr making enough money to feed dozens of employees and their families at all times. Noooo pressure. :)

Speaking on Oprah… oh no big deal, I’m sure it’d be super easy to speak in front of millions and millions of people. No sweat. :)

Creating an amazing family… suuuuuure, raising kids is simple, and being with the same romantic partner for the rest of your life, I’m sure you’ll neeeeever feel like killing them. :)

This is why I just don’t get the glorification of living a happy life. We think that our biggest dreams will make us happy… but the reality is far from that.

So what do we actually do?

Here’s the key…

It’s not that we shouldn’t wanna follow our dreams. We should!!!

But instead of wishing for a life that’s challenge-LESS, we need to TRAIN for the challenges.

Ahead of time!!!

If you actually want your dreams to come true, you’re gonna be more challenged than ever before. But that’s an amazing thing. Because when you train for the challenges, it doesn’t actually FEEL as hard.

Imagine going to the gym, right, and you haven’t worked out in a year. You pick up a 40lb dumbbell and you’re gonna be like,“Damn, that shit is heavy.”

But then you go to the gym for 3, 4, 5, 6 months, and you go to lift that same weight and it just doesn’t feel as challenging anymore. It might actually feel *easier* than the 25lb dumbbell felt 6 months early.

This is the same way we wanna approach our life.

I see so many people defaulting to a comfortable life… a life where they don’t have their heart pounding… a life where they’re not training for the things that they ACTUALLY want.

So, are you training for the life you actually want? Or are you foolishly just wishing it’ll fall into your lap one day by doing the same things you’ve always done?

In other words… are you more focused on SURVIVING than you are on THRIVING?! Which do you think is the wisest approach?

If you’re ready to TRAIN for the life you want, that’s what I call “mastering your Inner Game”.

You want to make it so that when the challenges arise, you’re prepared so that you can seize the opportunity.

Some old-school philosopher once said that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” (Maybe it was Senica or somebody like that.)

But the modern-day scientists actually agree with this. They say that *grit* is the #1 predicting factor of success.

Not your IQ… Not how much money you have… Not the family that you came from and whether they were high-society or not.

But GRIT. And grit is a part of your Inner Game. It’s the ability to stay with it. To keep working through the challenges. To actually show up daily and give yourself fully.

Jonathan Haidt, one of the world’s leading social psychologists, talks about “the advantage of adversity”.

Essentially there is a way to USE our struggle and turn it into STRENGTH.

Think about that gym again, right?

There is a way to use the PAIN that you’ve experienced and turn that into your PURPOSE.

But so many of us stay stuck in this loop of trying to avoid these things because we’re not training for the challenges. We’re not actually doing the deep, inner game immersion and overcoming some of those limiting beliefs and inner roadblocks. We’re not committed to upgrading our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and evolving to go beyond that… to actually actualize our potential and to create the best version of ourselves!

THAT is what I’m excited about helping with.

Sure, success is great, but what does it actually TAKE to get there?

It’s the Inner Game.

And if you’re interested in immersing yourself with the Inner Game…

I’ve created a 10-week training program to dive deep into how to become the best version of yourself.

Not some glorified, success-promising, make-a-million-dollars crap, but the DEEP work to remove the limiting-beliefs and blind-spots that are there.

…To overcome whatever fear is standing between you and what you want

…To master your mind, optimize your energy, and get you connected to something bigger, whatever that is.

We’ll be doing this through comfort-zone challenges and training your mind through engaging in deep practices. This is not an informational thing where I give you “7 things you should learn” or memorize. This will be *experiential*.

You’ll go out into the world, show up at your best and at the end of the 10 weeks, if you engage in the program, you’ll be in one of the best shapes that you’ve ever been in your life in ALL of these areas.

I’m beyond excited to take my best work, bring it to you with a community and be by your side as we go into the deep Inner Game to create the outer success that we’re inspired to have.

So if you’ve made it this far, thank you for being here, I appreciate you.

If you wanna train for the challenges and master your Inner Game…

—>> Learn more and apply for The Inner Game Immersion 2017. <<—

Me, or someone from my team, will be in touch to talk with you shortly after so that we can make sure you’re a great fit and that this is the highest quality experience possible.

We start soon. And space is limited.

On purpose,