Lately I’ve noticed I’m getting older…

And not just in the “older and wiser” kinda way:

  • My hairline has receded.
  • My libido feels different.
  • My desire to “party” has diminished.
  • And on some weekend nights, I’m happily in bed alone by like, 9:30!

At the ripe age of 33, I didn’t expect these basic things I took for granted to suddenly fade away so soon. WTF. I thought we all grow up to be like George Clooney or Sharon Stone!

For a while, I was in denial. And then, I looked for ways to fight it. But it’s actually been an important wake-up call for me… because seeing myself age has helped me get really honest with myself about what I want outta life.

And here’s the cool thing…

Getting honest with myself has given me a much higher level of discernment about the way I spend my time.

Procrastinating is no longer an option.
Playing small now just seems stupid.
And although I’m crazy grateful for my current life….

It’s like I’ve become allergic to SETTLING.

  • I’ve been more direct about my sexual desires.
  • I’ve committed to goals 10x bigger than anything I’ve ever aimed for.
  • I’ve been seeking out mentorship from people previously “out of my league”.
  • And I’ve taken my relationships with family + friends to a whole new level.

The tricky thing is… it was hard to realize I was settling until I got slapped with the realization I was aging… and that the future is now!

5 ways to know if you’re settling. Can you relate to any?

(These apply to all areas of your life: career, impact, relationship, lifestyle, etc.)

1. You’re 90% happy. You’re already successful but deep down you feel like something’s missing and you’re not exactly sure how to describe it. You’re hoping when things change in the future, or when you hit that big goal, life will be amazing. #settling

2. You’re telling yourself it’s good enough. “Good” is the enemy of “great”. If things are good but not great for longer than a few weeks, and you’re not making significant progress, that’s a red flag. #settling

3. You’re staying in a situation because it’s too hard to leave. If fear was completely removed from the equation and you knew you’d be okay no matter what, would you leave your job, end your relationship, start a biz, or make a big change? If so, you’re probably #settling.

4. You’re using gratitude as a crutch. Things aren’t bad, and you’re grateful for what you have, so you’ve convinced yourself it’s foolish, greedy, or stupid to make a big change. But really, it’s *fear* motivating you to choose comfort over actualizing your potential. #settling

5. If you’re not sure if you’re settling, you probably are. As my love-coach Annie Lalla says, nobody ever experiences the Grand Canyon and wonders if they’re settling for it. When you’re really living the life you’re meant to, you’re not wondering if you are.

So what can you do to stop settling? 3 solutions.

There are really three options to overcome settling and create a complete “hell yeah” life. This might sound counterintuitive, but I’d suggest you apply *both* of these options.

[Settling Solution #1] – Build Courage. How? For starters, take one action everyday that scares you. Tell someone they’re beautiful (other than your cat). Go out of your way to help someone when it’s awkward. Have that hard conversation with your wife, boss, or friend.

[Settling Solution #2] – Create Inspiring Relationships. How? Find people who are unwilling to settle and spend time with them… especially if they feel outta your league. You’ve probably heard, you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

[Settling Solution #3] – Get Expert Guidance. How? This is where I plug my coaching program! Boo Ya! My specialty is helping people create the most authentic, exciting, and meaningful life while finding and overcoming their blind-spots.

Once or twice per year, I personally guide a small group of inspiring people through a transformative process that helps them create a full on “hell yeah” life.

And right now is one of those times…

If you know you weren’t born for mediocrity, and deep down think you could be playing a bigger game, let’s find your dreams and transform them into your reality.

Life is short. Hair falls out. Priorities change. But it’s not too late!

If you’re unwilling to settle and wanna learn more about this opportunity to work with me, hit me up at [email protected]

I’ll hit you back shortly with details about the program, so keep an eye out.

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Let’s do this shit!