- Brian Johnson,

Jacob Sokol is awesome. I love his enthusiasm for life along with his commitment to living with virtue and purpose while enjoying the whole process. If you’re looking to create more happiness, meaning and mojo in your life, I think you’ll love working with him.

- Brian Johnson, Philosopher CEO of en*theos

- Paula Bailey,

“… watch your world transform and your wings spread”

“No words can ever be enough to thank Jacob for the work he does. Today is a monumental and epic day for me. Today I officially announced to the world (and the large corporation that employs me) that I am leaving my job behind and taking the next step on my life journey.

My desire to live a life of meaning and purpose and find the things that are important to me has always been there. Having the opportunity to work with Jacob just helped release the fear.

I feel truly blessed to have found Jacob and worked with him. If you’re blessed to have found him and to be reading this but you are questioning whether to work with him, don’t question, act! Invest in yourself and watch your world transform and your wings spread. It feels amazing! Like me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this all sooner. Wishing you great happiness.”

- Paula Bailey, Melbourne
- Aaron Maartin,

“…figuring out what I love to do”

“Jacob (and Sensophy) provided great insight on figuring out what I love to do and how to do it! His experience and story gave me further confidence in taking a risk and getting my next business off the ground.”

- Aaron Maartin, Indiana
- Iris Barzen,

“…I was pretty skeptical”

“Having Jacob by my side was the catalyst I needed to start rocking my life. I have never gained as much clarity as in those calls with Jacob. He always asked the right questions to get you to dig deep enough to be able to move forward.

Before I started the coaching I was pretty skeptical about the idea of having a purpose. It seemed like a weird holy grail thing that is nice to have, but not really actionable. Jacob’s coaching helped me realize why the heck we need a purpose and guided me on my way to finding my own. And let me tell you, being on the path to purpose will change your life!

I can’t express how grateful I am for his guidance. I wouldn’t have been able to do it all on my own.”

- Iris Barzen, Germany


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- Mastin Kipp,

“I LOVE working with Jacob, he is a part of the new generation of young leaders who are bringing a fresh and creative energy to the personal growth space. Jacob is my bro and I’m so grateful that he’s doing his thing in the world.”

- Mastin Kipp, CEO/Founder, TheDailyLove.com

- Nicholas Passando,

“Coaching has brought on a new perspective”

“Jacob has dedicated his life to seeking wisdom and helping others in search for an exciting and meaningful self-being.  His ongoing research and experience are constantly expanding and keeping the mind full of new ideas.  Coaching has brought on a new perspective on myself and the struggles we all face in life, especially in our early adulthood.  I thank Jacob for helping me structure my inner most ideas and making them closer to my reality.  He will challenge you and it will not be easy, but it will be worth it!”

- Nicholas Passando, IT Consultant
- Theresa Campbell,

“…if you’re on the fence”

“I began my journey because I was curious about becoming a life-coach myself. I decided that I could not coach others having never worked with a life-coach before. Little did I know I was in for more than just a few tips that I could later use to help others.

Working with Jacob, I went through a complete personal transformation in four short months! Jacob helped me to get clarity surrounding my values and since then, my personal values have unfailingly guided me to an unexplainable amount of success and happiness in my life.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone who truly cares, listens deeply to understand, lives by example, and asks the right questions so that you can discover your truth. If you’re on the fence about making the investment, all I can say is just do it. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be gifted more than you expected.”

- Theresa Campbell, Florida
- Benjamin Story,

“…not shy of asking the hard questions”

“Thanks again. It was fun working with you and I definitely feel like I’m a few steps closer to living more authentically out of who I am. You certainly have a gift for helping people get to the bottom of what it is they want, and you’re not shy of asking the hard questions it takes to get there. I appreciated your authenticity in our seasons too, as you shared your own journey, experiences and even failures.”

- Benjamin Story,

- Alan Cohen,

“Working to fix problems that the world is currently facing will provide incredibly meaningful and financially fulfilling opportunities for Young Adults. I see Jacob as one of the leaders. I can hear it in his energy, I hear his verbiage, and I hear it in his vision.”

- Alan Cohen, Author of 24 Popular Inspirational Books

- Rachel Plumride,

“…walk a more inspired path”

“The day I found your website I was so desperate for help and then I found you! You helped me organise my thoughts so I could walk a more inspired path, you truly are an amazing man and I want you to know. You have had such an impact on my life, really, I don’t know if I can even express how grateful I am because it goes beyond words.”

- Rachel Plumride, Australia
- Steven Stratvert,

“…feeling uninspired, uncertain, and overwhelmed”

“What I noticed right off the bat is that Jacob has a passion and genuine interest in helping those that seek his guidance succeed. If you were like me – feeling uninspired, uncertain, and overwhelmed in your life – then Jacob can help you find that spark and direction to become a new more fulfilled and powerful you.”

- Steven Stratvert, New Jersey
- Meagan Williams,

“Nothing ever seemed to change”

“A month or so ago, I was pretty miserable. I felt stuck. I had been consistently reading a lot of personal development books and articles and even writing about the ideas. Nothing ever seemed to change though. At the beginning of July, I had a coaching call and it flipped this switch in me. I decided I was going to really start working towards the extraordinary life Jacob talked about. I wasn’t going to keep procrastinating or doubting myself anymore. Since then I’ve been reading even more awesome stuff, and thinking about it AND applying these big ideas and everything’s changed! I feel so much happier day to day keeping this incredible ideas in my mind, and consistently acting on them.”

- Meagan Williams, New Jersey

- Jenny Blake,

”Jacob is an amazing coach who lives by example. He is deeply insightful and in-touch with what’s happening in the world, yet maintains a fun, playful, down-to-earth demeanor that makes him an ideal coach for twenty-and-thirty somethings (anyone, really!). I leave every conversation with Jacob smiling.”

- Jenny Blake, Life Coach Author of Life After College

- Cheryl Maffat,

“see what is truly important to you”

“Jacob has an amazing gift! He helps you to see what is truly important to you. Jacob created a space where I could connect to my values and he gave me the tools to bring them into my everyday life. What I appreciate most about my coaching experience with him, is that after every phone call, I gained new perspective and knowledge about myself. Sending Jacob and the Sensophy team much love!”

- Cheryl Maffat,
- Dave Lukas,

“It was like talking to a good friend..”

“Jacob took the time to listen to my current life situation, to hear what my struggles were, and then shared great insights for moving forward. Yet he did it in a way that wasn’t pushy or demeaning. It was like talking to a good friend about your struggles, but that same friend is going to push you in the kindest way possible to achieve your goals.

He did this by taking the time to discuss with me what I wanted to do and then asking the right questions to get me to commit to taking action now. He put deadlines in front of me so that I was held accountable to him to get the work done. I have Jacob to thank for helping me.”

- Dave Lukas, Chicago
- Cynthia,

From an email: “I love that I found you. You’re an amazing guy and professional.”

- Cynthia, West Virginia
- Mariela,

From an email: “This is amazing! It’s the second time we speak and you are blowing my mind! I knew you were the right person since last year…but you know how things are…you are ready only when the time is right. And it feels as if everything is smoothly transitioning into something different. I’m going with the flow, indeed.” From another email: “Thank you, darling! Once again, today’s session was absolutely mind-blowing. You are a “Warrior of light” as Paulo Cohelo would define you.”

- Mariela, London

- Scott Dinsmore,

”Jacob is one of the most passionate, energetic and dedicated-to-improvement people I know. He knows how to get to the core of the change people know they need to make, and then walks them through the process to make it stick. End result – more happiness and passion for all. I love seeing a guy so focused on making people better.”

- Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend & Creator of How to Connect with Anyone

- Edwin Herrera,

“cut right through the BS”

“What Jacob is providing people with through his research and studies is invaluable. Since working with him he has changed my life for the better. I left a job I was miserable at and started the career that I have always wanted to. His insight and perspective will cut right through the BS you put up with and helps you find your true purpose, whatever that may be.

Jacob provides a safe space for you to pour out your soul to him, spread it out and make a mess, and put it back together the way you need to in order to make it work with your purpose. Jacob will give you the tools you need to tackle and conquer whatever fear/insecurity that has been “holding” you back so that you can proceed to having the kind of life you deserve, one with purpose.”

- Edwin Herrera, Nyc
- Sandra,

“…investment in myself”

“I was ready to make changes but didn’t know where to start. Jacob helped me get aligned with myself. The actions I committed too gave me direction to make decisions toward living with peace and purpose. My daily actions brought me closer to my full potential. Jacob was my accountability. I wish there was a pocket size version of Jacob because we all need neutral support. Jacob was my Mini-Team. My family is Rocking the TEAM WORK with me now. It helps to tell people what you are up to so they can be a source of encouragement.

I have much more self awareness and make choices moment by moment. I find myself asking questions like “What would be a better choice at this moment?” We all have the same amount of hours in a day. What daily actions do we make in our personal GROWTH? I forgot to connect with myself and create BALANCE. It is amazing the ENERGY I have for serving others. Jacob gave me the awareness to choose the right changes that worked for me. He is an EXCELLENT Life Collaborator and made a huge difference in my life. This kid is ROCKING the Midwest with me! Working with Jacob was an investment in myself and the moments we worked together will ripple out further than we both will ever know. Live Love!”

- Sandra,
- Sergi Llorente Romero,

“I have a clear direction.” Thanks so much Jacob. I’m much more focused now, I’m in an exciting good moment of my life, and despite life has it’s ups and downs, something is different in my core. You remember that “emptiness” feeling I had? I don’t know where it is anymore. I have a clear direction, and I’ll work hard to keep this momentum.”

- Sergi Llorente Romero, Spain

- Pilar Gerasimo,

“Jacob is a marvel — a young wisdom-seeker and thought leader with intelligence, equanimity, insight and generosity well beyond his years. Yet he also brings a shockingly clear, fresh perspective to everything he does. All of this makes working with him a fun, energizing, deeply gratifying adventure. If you’re looking for no-BS, real-life street smarts and youthful exuberance mixed with old-soul intelligence, Jacob is your guy.”

- Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine (reaches more than 2.5 million people)


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