“All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. However, a path without a heart is never enjoyable.” -Carlos Castaneda

A strange phenomenon is taking place all around us right now.

It’s subtle, it’s still, and it’s unspoken.

It’s at the office, in the subway, and at the gym.

It eludes technology, science, and intellect.

Hardly anyone notices it, and if they do, they rarely remember it.

The phenomenon is this:

Most people live life as if they’re gonna be alive forever.

Because of this…

We discount our dreams and press pause on our passions.

We tell ourselves “one day” and “when the time is right”.

We choose certainty over growth, consequently disconnecting from our soul.

Then we wonder why “something’s missing” and we feel so anxious.

The reality is that there’s no such thing as certainty.

And you’re certainly not promised to be alive tomorrow – even when all signs indicate you will be.

I was painfully reminded of this truth by the recent passing-away of my buddy Scott Dinsmore.

When I found out he died, I immediately let my feelings out and onto Facebook:

Jacob Sokol · September 13 at 7:13pm · New York, NY ·

It’s with tears in my eyes that I write this. My heart is sunken and my reality is rocked. I just heard the news that my buddy Scott Dinsmore passed away on his world tour while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Scott was *over-the-top* helpful in getting me to live the life of my dreams (or as he would call it… live-my-legend).

When I took my first attempt at getting paid to embody the wisdom I’m so passionate about, I wrote a guide called Living On Purpose. In addition to sharing it with his community that was much larger than mine, Scott went out of his way to try and get me published on a huge blog his buddy ran.

When I first decided to try coaching, he got on the phone with me and told me everything he knew about it. In Dinsmore fashion, he hooked me up with a bunch of worksheets to send new clients.

I’ve met a lot of teachers, but few people’s work have inspired me as much as Scott’s. His Live Your Legend Local project is insane — creating communities worldwide and equipping his people with the tools to get paid to do work they love.

What a huge heart this guy had. I appreciate you for always advocating for me and my off-beat craziness and seeing the heart and soul in me.

Before I had my feet on a solid foundation, Scott was one of the few people who believed in me more than I believed in myself. In his eyes, I was destined to “make it” when I still wasn’t sure. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful that was for me. And how much hope that gave me amidst the immense uncertainty I was new to living in.

Buddy. My love to you, your family and friends. And there’s no fucking question that you left a hell of a legend behind.

Thank you, brother. Thank you.

In honor of Scott’s mission…

Scott’s mission was to help people do work they love, so I’d like to hook you up with an interview I did with Scott about that exact subject.

We also explore how to build great relationships with new mentors and what stops people from being successful.

You can grab that free of cost here:

How To Live Your Legend w/ Jacob Sokol and Scott Dinsmore

You can learn more about Scott’s work here and his tributes here.

If you’d like to share feeling or thought about death or Scott, you can do so in the comments below.

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