“I just wanna make a bigger impact, Jacob”

That’s what my client said to me as we started our coaching session.

And it’s no surprise, this guy is a rockstar.

He owns a great business.
He’s madly in love.
He travels freely.
He wakes up excited.
He has tons of time in his schedule.


But that’s not enough.

“Rockstar” also happens to have a heart of gold, and he came to our session driven to give back!

So how do you coach a guy who’s already a rockstar?

What do you say to someone who’s already killing it but hungry to keep growing?

Well, I don’t say much.

In fact, I just kinda listen.

You can see here that I didn’t really start talking until 38 minutes in.

How To Make A Bigger Impact, Right Now - Sensophy

But there’s a big difference between “listening” and REALLY “listening”.

As a coach, one of my secret powers is listening to what’s being said *underneath* what’s being said.

And by listening to what’s happening underneath what’s happening, you’re able to create results that most people only dream of.

On the surface, it makes no sense. But on a deeper level, it makes all the difference.

This is called using your intuition.

(Remember the wise Master Splinter from The Ninja Turtles? This was his shit!!!)

Back to “Rockstar”…

As he was talking, my intuition was telling me that the impact he really wanted to make was to have a child.

Although he mentioned nothing about children on this session, I’ve been coaching him for a while, and he’d briefly brought up the topic of having a kid a few months earlier. So I asked about it. And he LIT UP with energy.

We dove into his fears around it… identified clear action steps he could take…

And then I said something to him that made him say: “WOW. WOW. WOW.”

Wanna know what I said? THIS…


 Let’s play a game called:

“I’m Never Allowed To Give My Kid Advice, Ever”


“But, The Way That I Get To Teach My Kid Is By *Exemplifying* Every Important Lesson That I’d Want To Teach Them.”

(A long name for a game, I know.)


How do you then exemplify all of the wisdom that you’d wanna pass on to your child?

How do you become the living embodiment of everything you’d wanna teach them?

Rockstar needed to stand up. He had so much energy and excitement flowing through him that he needed to move his body.


In that moment, I sent Rockstar out on a mission. And in many ways, this new mission was his path to greater impact.

Firstly, to his child.

But secondly, to the world at large.

Because usually, how you do anything is how you do everything. So I coached him on the “micro” level (his day to day), because that’s what impacts the “macro” level, (his larger vision).

And as he deepens his embodiment of the wisdom that matters most to him, opportunities will present themselves that reflect his new, deeper, more inspiring state of being!

He will be the change he wants to see.

Are you inspired to go out on a mission to make a greater impact in the world?

If so, here are the next steps:

Step #1. Identify the top 3 to 5 life lessons you’d wanna pass along to your (future) kid or student. Lessons that if they knew, they’d be destined for a great life.

Step #2. Identify some ways in which you could live more of that wisdom, right now.

Step #3 (Bonus). Post one of those key lessons in the comments below. You can see one of mine there!



PS: I recently made a bold decision to scale back my business for the next 2-3 months so I can focus primarily on my own growth, evolution, and larger long-term impact!

Since I won’t be launching any new programs while I’m on this quest, I’ve decided to open up a few spaces in my private 1-on-1 coaching practice for people who are also committed to their growth, evolution, and larger long-term impact.

If you’re serious about your growth and inspired to go on a powerful journey with me, you can apply to be one of the people I coach here.

The future is bright, homey.

Let that light shine, yo!


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