“Your leadership is reaped by the lives you touch routinely, every day, through positive actions and emotions that unduly influence others to live similarly—they, in turn, pass those same positive traits of yours onward to others in their world.” -Dave Ursillo from Lead Without Followers

Ah. The man to man, passion project, soul sit-down chit-chat. Welcome to it. Me, in Hawaii (maybe a bit hungover). Dave, in Massachusetts (probably turbocharged for his bodacious book release). Despite the 6 hour time difference, we’re on the same wave length, seeing eye to eye, and speaking the same language.

What the hell does that mean? It mean’s that Dave’s Living On Purpose!

If you don’t already know the dude Dave Ursillo (aka, the first person to ever guest post on Sensophy), then it’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce you to him.

Dave decided to hook you up with the first chapter of his new book for free. Whaddah swell fellah. You can grab a copy of that now or check out his website to get more details on his book, Lead Without Followers. (There is no affiliate kickback here. It’s all heart homey!)

I hope you enjoy joining Dave on his own purposeful path. He’s living on hell of an extraordinary life!

More on Dave here:

Lead Without Followers

PS: Check back tomorrow for another interview with a good homegirl of mine!

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  • Yo brother!

    A) I could tell that you were hungover– it's a 6th sense of mine.

    2) Big thanks for the shout and for sharing our convo with your community!!


    • Yo famalamz! A) 1/2 hungover. Full morning voice. B) My pleasure dude. Massively excited for you!!

  • Dawn

    I've never considered myself the leadership type. However, I know through my own life choices, I am in a way a leader.

    Sounds like an awesome book…I wish I had the space in my head to add one more thing…but it will most definitely go on my must read list.