Welcome to the WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?! podcast.

In today’s episode, Jacob gets interviewed by Ellie Aaron on The Ellie Aaron Hour podcast.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why Fear isn’t a problem and how we can alchemize it to move into the next phase of our life 
  • Why cold showers and embodiment practices are so important to get us out of our heads and into the present moment
  • How to calm yourself down during challenging emotions 
  • How to find your “soul voice” and intuition 
  • How our intimate relationships bring up exactly what we need to work on and heal our inner wounds 
  • How to maintain connection and freedom in Partnership 
  • Why making money will help you show up for others more 
  • Money being a feedback loop of goodness 
  • How getting into a state of abundance brings more money into our life 
  • How being playful is a wealth magnet

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