Calm down MTV – this has nothing to do with you. This is something different. This is exactly what most people will never tell you about following your heart and becoming your dream. You know why? Because they’ve never done it. Or they’ve tried it and gave up when their panties started scrunching.


This is about defying the odds when you can’t even count them. This is about short circuiting the system that’s limiting your life to 3-day weekends and bi-annual 6-day vacations. This is outrageous excitement, meeting “unrealistic” aspirations, and using grounding wisdom to keep your head above the clouds – especially when non-believers are raining on your parade.


What the hell am I talking about? I thought you’d never ask.


Last Tuesday I had my first child. And by child I mean, product release. And by product release, I mean my motherfucking mind, heart, and soul all aligned and combined to give you my greatest gift possible: Living On Purpose. I’d spent the last 26 years fucking up my life and fixing it – taking two steps forward and one step backward – doing all the wrong things to find some of the right ones.


As I sit and write this right now, in a penthouse hostel in Waikiki Hawaii, it’s never been more clear to me:


I’ve created an extraordinary life.



Not because I’m sitting here in warm weather with tropical mountains behind my laptop screen. And not because Sensophy had 2,500 different people come to it last week. And not because I’m exuding an extraordinarily infections enthusiastic energy  (that Wilson on Facebook said is coming out of my armpits) – which makes it easy to connect with anyone about anything.




Not just because I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. And not because there’s a good chance I’ll spend 6 months traveling the world next year. Not because I just released a product that is inspiring and empowering people to live more fulfilled lives. And not because I wake up in the morning excited about my life.


I’m living an extraordinary life not because of anything above, but rather, because of everything above.


My dad left me a comment the other day on The State of My Life Addressed. In it, he said: “You’ve created an unbelievable journey for yourself no matter what happens in your future.”


And that’s exactly it.


I still don’t know what my future holds. And I still don’t know where I’ll be in 3 months. But I do know that whatever happens, it will continue to be an unbelievable journey. For me, life is no longer about “getting-by” – or as my buddy Steve Roy calls it, “grinding-it-out.” It’s now about this extraordinary adventure that I’ve turned my life into – On Purpose!




The thing is, I’m not gonna sit here and sell you the Brooklyn Bridge and tell you that finding your purpose and creating an extraordinary life will fix all your problems. That’s crap. Your bullshit radar intuitively knows that’s not true and my personal code of ethics wouldn’t let me deceive you. This is real life. I miss my stop on the bus. I have days that suck. I’m not over all my negative fixations. Shit happens. I stub my motherfucking toes too.


Shitty things happen to all of us – the difference is that they happen to me on this unbelievable journey – and that makes dealing with them all the more worth it.


If you’ve been thinking about taking that next step in your life, but haven’t had the gusto to let go and get going, this will help. Here’s something that “realistic people” will never tell you. This is what happens when you commit to finding your purpose and creating an extraordinary life (in between the toe stubbing and missed bus stops).


People help!


And I cannot begin to tell you how massive of a motherfucking understatement that is. But I’m gonna try.


Let me just say that it wasn’t always this way. You may look at me and have a preconceived opinion that because of my positive armpit energy, people gravitate toward me. And I won’t completely deny that. But it’s easy to say Kanye West is a great music artist – it’s hard to say he’s worked harder at what he does than 99.9% of people.


“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” -Michelangelo


There’s a reason that a few times each week, people tell me, “If I can ever help – let me know.” And it isn’t because I was born attracting warm-hearted people. The reason is that I got really clear about what I want, and why I want it, and was able to communicate that message to a selective group of individuals who can feel it in their heart.


You can do the same thing.



You may not know how now, but when you really know what you want, and you get laser sharp clarity on why you want it, and you communicate that message to the right people, then amazing unforeseen things come together in ways which would leave wizards and sorcerers shitting themselves in disbelief.


(I talk about this in Living On Purpose. As i see it, when looking for help, the right people to communicate your message to are people who’ve done what you’re looking to do, and people who you view as successful. Here’s a short video on that.)


This is how I got 10 busy “People On Purpose” living extraordinary lives to help launch Living On Purpose. This is why my old company from my old job, hosts my new website from my new life. This is why successful code-programmers and entrepreneurs like Mike Bridgman and Davy Kestens have spent 10s of hours working with me (for free) to help get Living On Purpose launched.


This is why my homeboy Nick (one of the busiest guys i know) spent over 20 hours editing the Living On Purpose audio-book one week before it launched. This is why my homeboy Edwin (the second busiest guy i know) spent the same amount of time helping me shoot a “Sensophy welcome video” which you may never see.  This is why Devon Mills spent countless hours proof reading Living On Purpose and made 100s of small edits. This is why my angel, Aunt Lorraine, who’s an amazingly person and successful psychologist, came through for me at pivotal moments and helped me overcome some personal anxiety and resistance to success. The list goes on and on…


3 years ago i could barely find a single person who was interested in the same thing as me – Wisdom? What? And now, now we have an entire community and extended network who all give a shit and are gigantically generous with their support.


Sensophy was mentioned in over 15 blogs on last Tuesday, the day that Living On Purpose was released. That wasn’t because I sold these people on my product – it was because they know I’m living my dream and they sincerely – like deep fucking down, sincerely – want to help me in continuing to do so.


That’s the type of shit “The Real World” doesn’t talk about. That’s the type of magic that playa-hating-pessimists neglect to brief you on when they’re aiming a bazooka to blow up your dream.


You may enjoy checking out some of the interviews and posts that were published last week as these people helped to support me in living my dream. There’s enough quality content here to last you a year. Get to know these people – they’re my soul squadron. They’re all magnificently noteworthy. Note them.


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Honorable Mentions:

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And that’s a wrap.


But before i sign off and head to the beach, I wanna reiterate the take-away here. Like everything else i share with you, keep the wisdom which works for you, try the stuff you like but doubt, and leave the rest right where you found it. For me, the biggest take away has been what i shared above:


Shitty things happen to all of us – the difference is that when you find your purpose and create an extraordinary life – it makes dealing with them all the more worth it.


If you do, or don’t, pick up a copy of Living On Purpose, my wish for you is that you create an extraordinary life for yourself.


As On Purpose as ever,




Wanna say thanks?


After publishing over 100 articles on Sensophy, I’ve never charged for anyone to read these blog posts. If you want to support Sensophy, please share this atricle with your favorite social network. This is work from the heart, and it hits home, when you have the heart to share it. Thanx!


PS: I’m thrilled that Living On Purpose is effecting people’s lives in such a massively empowering way. If the price of the package is standing in the way of you using it to change your life, email me and we’ll work something out! 

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  • Congrats dude! 6 months traveling the world is no joke…you may miss more than one bus :).

    That's not the view from your penthouse room is it??

  • So incredibly inspiring and that comes from a person who has taken some of the crazy risks you have taken out of passion for life and living and happiness. And one who even as a girl says the word fuck, even mother fucking more times than is politically correct, I appreciate the use of your real personality in your published stuff!

    My latest leap was selling most everything and moving to the Big Island Hawaii. Like you I'm ready to share how that vision came to be and help people take even the tiniest leap on the way to the life they want to really be living.

    I won a copy of Living on Purpose through Sal's Surfer Lifestyle Design and am so stoked to read it. From the things I've checked out on my blog you are one of those people that can inspire even people who are already inspired.

    And last but not least from the initial skim through after downloading it and reading this article, I KNOW what it takes to put it together. Great fucking job!

    • Hahaha! That is straight flava Jt.

      It's great to hear that this resonated with you and i'm thoroughly impressed with your ability to let the F-bomb drop.

      I was just telling my buddy there's a strange phenomenon and it's that when i travel, i seem to start cursing more. The "missing variable" is that I'm in Hawaii, so maybe it's not a "travel" thing, but rather, a "Hawaii" thing. -=)

      Thanx so much for the warm words. Thrilled to connect with you even more in the future. Let me know if you have any questions about Living On Purpose and if you make it to Oahu in Sept, hit me up!

  • Congrats dude! 6 months traveling the world is no joke…you may miss more than one bus :).

    That's not the view from your penthouse is it?

    • LOLOL! Sounds like a lot of blog content -=)

      Not the penthouse, but close by!

  • Love your enthusiasm – it totally rocks.

    I try to tell people the same thing – to live with purpose. Determine who you are and what you want out of life, it is only then, that we are able to make decisions that revolve around that concept.

    Wicked post, Jacob.

    • Thanx dude! Sounds like you've done both -=)

  • adrianc1986

    *slow clap*

    Good to see you rocking it, man.

    Also, Living On Purpose is damn intense, I'm barely half way through it myself. Good thing I believed in you enough to part with my coins ( though a sweetener from Disrupting the Rabblement was what sold me – kill two birds with one stone if you ask me! )

    Enjoy the beach!

    • [email protected] clap! Hahaha…

      Glad you believed in Sensophy dude. And i'm curious which sweetener from Niall was it that gotcha to part with your coins?

      Good times! And let me know if you ever have any questions -=)

      • adrianc1986

        He basically gave lifetime access to his course in courage for free as well as a heavy discount on his 50 dollar blog thing to anyone who purchased Living Purpose via the link posted on his site ( in the post with the interview with you. )

        I was on the fence about getting Living on Purpose and the Course in Courage so the sweetener made the deal for me and made me part with my coins.

        And I will left you know if I have any questions but for now I'm just reading through living purpose, taking my time to absorb all the juice contained within!

        • YES. Dope dude. Good to know.

          Thanx so much for the feedback. We'll talk soon!

  • Congratulations Jacob! your infectious enthusiasm seeping out through your armpits has reached all the way down under to the land of Oz. There is nothing more magnetic than someone living + expressing their authenticity. Thanks for sharing all the juicy stuff with us…it's such a tickle to read :-)

    • Hahaha! I love it Susana. Thanx so much for joining me on my journey and allowing me to kick it with you as you continue to create your own. And OH YES, I loooooooooooooooooooove the juicy stuff. Tickle, tickle, tickle.

  • Jacob,
    I have no words to express my happiness for you! YOU DID IT! and in you style, on your terms….it is the first of many amazing things that you will realize.
    You really ….REALLY inspire me! Thank you!
    love and light


      I feel that in my heart and soul.

      Virtual Hugs. X

  • What a milestone. Seriously dude. AMAZING. I know it took something for you to finish this. Living an unbelievable life isn't easy – it takes something. Like that quote says "No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it". I acknowledge what it took for you to finish this product, get it out onto 15 different blogs and work your ass off to help people transform their lives. A huge congratulations – this is just the beginning :)

    • Chantelle! You are the bomb diggity!!

      Hells to the yizzzzeah, and i'm watching and learning and being inspired from you all along the way. Thrilled to connect with you some more whether in front of a skype cam, jumping outta a plane, or doing crazy shit in a dress.

      Thanx for everything!!! Time to explode!

  • YO DUDE!!!!

    It was a privilege and an honor to help you launch this book. I am reading it EVERYDAY, 10 pages for breakfast! It is something that deserves to be out there…

    Great Job Man!

    Surfs up,

  • I love what you said about the shitty things happening on your unbelievable journey. When you are living a purposeful life the shitty things become an asset to you, fertilizer. They inspire you to make changes, give you depth and wisdom and at the very least they give you good stories.

    • Ah. So true! Such wisdom ;)

      Thanx for sharing!!

  • Damn Jacob. Straight up exactly what is filling my sails right now man. The WHY is where it is at. Period. Why you do what you you do is the REASON I Connected with you on this journey man. You have such a clear WHY about everything you do it inspires others. My search to define and clarify my own WHY is totally starting to feel like less a mountain to climb and more like a walk through a forest path. Thanks again for the open communication about your path and I appreciate the help man.
    With Feeling,

    • That's wassup dude! Exactly – exactly – exactly!!

      Let me know if there's any way i can help you with that WHY.

      Talk soon!!!

  • This shit resonates with me.

    And you know this because you've built a successful blog *because* you write shit that resonates with people.

    I can remember a time, almost exactly 2 years ago, when I was trying to get one of my old home town friends to take a chance and move to Atlanta for 3 months. I would give him a free place to stay, had a place he could work for a few bucks, and..

    He didn't show up. A free ride. He blew it off.

    I tried to tell him, 'Dude, life loves it when you take gutsy chances. In some way, if you keep positive and work towards a goal, the right opportunities present themselves.'

    He didn't listen.

    2 years later he is still in the same town, doing the same job, with the same people.

    I honestly hope that he's happy.. but I get a feeling that deep down he's not content with the status quo. Unfortunately he will not take risks to improve it.

    Anyway, 2.5 years ago I left my job to move 1,100 miles south. Best decision I've ever made. And the journey keeps getting better and more exciting.

    I'm confident that if I had not taken that first step to move, then I would have continued to be intimidated by the possibility of failure and limited myself to a life of mediocrity.

    Now when I see something I'm not content with (like my 9-5 in the cube farm) I look for big solutions and I am confident that, with a lot of hard work, I can achieve my goals.

    Thanks for the post, Jacob. Hope Hawaii is treating you well!

    • That is John-Blazing-Amazing Timmy……. Lovin' it!

      Word dude, i know so many people who are discontent with life and doing nothing about it. It makes me wanna grab them by the ears and be like, "yo! dude! check this out, you don't need to do shit you hate to live a life you don't love." But as the saying goes, I've found it's best to lead by example and have my life BE the message.

      Thrilled to hear that you've been creating your "extraordinary life" for some time and i'm stoked to connect with you some more in the future as we continue to do so.


  • Jacob…I'm so excited for you. I'm so thrilled to have been directed to your path, however I can't even remember how I got here, I just know it was meant to be.

    Right now I find myself in a slump. I have allowed "life" and fear to invade my space, and it's time to stop and redirect. Spend some quality time on ME! Recharge!

    What a thrill it would be for me, and my inner adventurer, to spend some quality time with people like you. Not enough of the positive energy around me…I think that is what I will put out to the Universe!

    You are an inspiration! Keep living your dream, and sharing your stories!

    • LOLOL!! Meant to be indeed.

      When you make it to NY, or anywhere else i ever am, we'll go grab some tea.

      Thanx for the love.

  • Sara Simpson

    :) You've got it going on. Purpose = Happiness! Peace

  • Gunja

    "Shitty things happen to all of us – the difference is that they happen to me on this unbelievable journey – and that makes dealing with them all the more worth it."… it!
    and yes,people help indeed!
    the amount of unconditional support that I've received from people like you…that's just miraculous!
    so thank you…for giving me your awesome guide for free…for patiently replying every one of my mails…for all the help and inspiration….
    thank you…and God bless you :)

    • Awesome -=). Well, i'm just paying it forward Gunja. It's because of other people that i've been able to create a life in the direction of my dreams. We know that the more we can help other people, the more fulfilled we're gonna be in life.

      Thank YOU Gunja!

  • Jacob, my man!
    I didn't realize that you had so much support here. This is incredible! I love how people come together to help someone out and try to help them live their passions.
    You deserve it dude and I am hoping that you see massive success..

    • Hells to the yizzzzzeah!! Incredible indeed.

      Thanx for all you do, and all you are, Steve!

  • Jacob – I think what is so attractive about your work is that your beliefs emanate from it. There's no bullshit, just a clearcut passion of helping people live a life to their fullest potential and make it an extraordinary journey.

    Do you, because it's truly inspiring, and continue to live it LOUD!

    PS I was at the Jets opener the other day and words cannot begin to do it justice. AWESOME time!!

    • Chris, dude, word! Thanx man – i appreciate the insightfulness and my gut tells me it resonates with you because you can relate to the realness in your own life.

      Thrilled and honored that my path in life is speaking you to. Keep in touch and if you ever need any help, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, hit me up!

      And, hahaha. Dopeness on the Jets game. You in NY?

  • James McWhinney

    I absolutely LOVE the new website design man, it looks great! Can you please expand and inspire me by discussing the pre launch anxiety and fear that you felt, and also how you moved through that? Cheers mate!

    • Thanx James! There are still some tweaks that need to be worked out but we're pretty close to completion.

      As for the fear and anxiety, a lot of it came in weird ways. At times, my mind would go to places that were uncomfortable, i'd obsess over things that weren't really relevant, and i found it painful to do what needed to be done. I haven't read it yet, but i hear that "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield is a great book that talks about resistance to creating.

      Hope that helps -=)