Living On Purpose

Overcoming fear and becoming courageous. Finding yourself and what you really want to do. Understanding happiness and actually living it. Being fueled with passion, day to day. Escaping a life of external validation. It’s all inside this package on how to find your purpose and live an extraordinary life…

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently

Over 100,000 people have shared 12 Things Happy People Do Differently on Facebook! Happiness and science. Did you know that the two are in a relationship? Something amazing has been happening over the last 10 years. It’s called the positive psychology movement…

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7 Ways To Tell If You’re Currently Living Your Purpose

In this straight-to-the-point free guide, we give you 7 ways to tell if you’re currently living your purpose in life. Not only that, but if you realize you’re currently not living your highest purpose, then we have 7 tricks to help you fix that and start to crush it.

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The Best of Sensophy

Since 2010, we’ve been pumping out raw content to get you high on life.

With over 200 blog posts published and 100+ interviews archived — this batch of wisdom will get you connected, refreshed, and ready to rock out.


Who am I? And WTF is going on these days?!

Would you ever play a game without first knowing the rules? Then why do so many of us try to play the game of life without understanding the current cultural context that we’re living in? We need to combine that with the awareness that, essentially, this part of our life is an identity quest that’s all about answering these existential inquiries:

It’s 2013: WTF Am I Doing w/ My Life?!

All These People Are So Much Better Than Me: The Antidote

Give Yourself The Permission To Be Human

A Crazy Message to “Normal”

How to get good at life.

You’re not crazy — just afraid of change. And in this section, we hook you up with some of the most important tools, mindsets, and strategies for you to get good at life. Creating a live you love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. These will help:

23 Easy, Actionable and Kick-Ass Ways to Create an Extraordinary Life, Today!

8 Steps To Start Meditating Today (Without Shaving Your Head & Buying A Robe)

12 Wise Things To Do… When Your Dreams Start F*cking You Up

Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t Travel *Debunked*

48 Online Authorities Reveal Their Most “Unrealistic” Accomplishments

Finding peeps who “get you” and creating your clique.

Connection is what gives purpose to our lives. Neuro-biologically, it’s how we’re wired. And psychologically, changing our relationships is what changes our lives. But if connection is so essential, why is it that we’re not all deeply connected with fulfilling relationships?

Juggling The Judgements Of Friends and Family

How Do You Know That You’re Surrounded By The Right People?

8 Ways To Create Extraordinary Relationships

Dropping The Bullshit and Communicating From Your Core

Being Vulnerable In Bali – But Why?

The Mastermind’s Guide To Mastermind Groups

Happiness, success, and getting whatcha want.

Our formula for happiness is crap. More than a decade of groundbreaking research in the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience has proven in no uncertain terms that happiness and optimism actually fuel performance and achievement — meaning that happiness comes *before* success.

Why Goal Accomplishment Is Like Peeing

The Happiness Advantage 

There is No There

How to Become Successful Overnight

How Tim Ferriss Took Me to a Jets Game with Gary Vaynerchuk

Why It’s Realistic To Be Unrealistic

Our favorite WTF interviews (mp3s).

We spend 14 months asking some of the world’s leading thinkers how this generation can help with the specific challenges we’re facing in our lives. These are a few of our favorite interviews.

Yo, B… WTF Should I Do? (w/ Brian Johnson)

Being Healthy is Revolutionary (w/ Pilar Gerasimo)

The Happiness Hypothesis (w/ Jonathan Haidt)

Curing Your Expectation Hangover (w/ Christine Hassler)

Are You A Real Man? (w/ Mark Manson)

Optimal Orgasms & Shameless Sexuality (w/ Nicole Daedone)