On this page you’ll find all the relevant articles related to my Gary Vaynerchuk challenge. It documents the process of a “regular Jacob”, following his heart and successfully getting rock-star entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to take him to a Jets Game.

Gary Vaynerchuk says that he’ll one day own the Jets. Peep game playa’:

The Philosophy

Why It’s Realistic To Be Unrealistic

The Challenge

I’ve Been Challenged to Find Gary Vee… I Accept!

The Realization

Crap. What Did I Get Myself Into?!

The Heart

My Method for Spilling Guts to Gary Vaynerchuk!

The Patience

Overcoming The Post Honeymoon Hump

The Verdict

I’m Going To A Jets Game With Gary Vaynerchuk!!!

The Lessons

7 Gutsy Guidelines To Grabbing Your Heart’s Holdings