Everyone's A Winner!

How cliché does that sound?! Here’s the scoop homeys: when i first posted the free give away, i was thrilled thinking about being able to hook some Sensophizers up. It’s ridiculously rewarding to be building a community around the stuff that i’m most passionate about – i can’t possibly appreciate you guys enough!

But then something strange happened that i hadn’t anticipated. The realization arose that while i’m fortunate enough to be able to pick three people, there were a lot of other people who didn’t win. I mean, these are people (and friends) who shared some of their deepest dreams with me – i don’t feel comfortable saying they’re answers aren’t as good as others.

So here’s the scoop. I picked three people who for whatever reason, when i saw their entry, i had the biggest emotional response. And they are…

Gunja Bose submitted the image above as well as this:

Gunja Bose

Eric LaForest submitted this, as well as the following image:

Eric LaForest

Eric LaForest's Guns!

Aaron Nichols submitted this:

Aaron Nichols

How Everyone Wins:

Here you have it: everyone who left a comment on the free give away post will get a free copy of my book when it comes out!

The book won’t be out for a couple months, but when it’s released, there’s a copy waiting for everyone who left a comment. My plan with the book is to over-deliver hardcore and create something that will impact your life immensely. I’m philosophizing around ways to create $1000 worth of value in it. More to come on that in the future weeks… Until then, enjoy Sensophy. It’s one big freebie!

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  • Kathy

    Jacob…congratulations on your give a way and for your generous offer to the rest of those folks who wrote in….that is WALKING THE WALK, man! Your genius, among other things, is making everyone feel like a winner…with your big heart and growing wisdom, you elevate yourself as you elevate others. Your words, along with your ACTIONS are speaking volumes about your credibility and vision!!! Hope it comes back to you tenfold!! I'm loving it and YOU!

    • Kathy! You are too kind and the apple didn't fall far from the momma' tree. Thank you for your juicy support, engagement, and friendship as we continue to move fwd together. Really appreciate who you are and just wanna' acknowledge that Sensophy wouldn't be unfolding in the way it is, if it wasn't for you (and baby girl). Chat soon!! Virtual bear hugs.

  • What a guy. You know, it’s people like you that “get” that kindness and giving is what makes people successful. Way to go, and thanks!

    • Thanx bro! It's a bit out of my comfort zone to promise people something that doesn't exist yet. The other thing that was going thru my head was like "yo, you finally are creating something that's gonna bring you some bucks, AND YOU'RE GIVING IT AWAY… FOR FREE!?!?! LOL, but intuitively, it feels like the right thing to do. Looking fwd to continuing to create major flavor in our lives… Chat soon!! -=)

  • Jacob my man- that's truly wicked that you're going to hook everyone up with this book bro!

    And of course thanks for choosing my comment (and overlooking the shameless arm display), because it's truly why I do what I do…

    Keep rockin' it homes because it's fun to watch ya grow!


    • Dude. Your arm is what got you the book! I enjoyed reading what you wrote, but it was the creativity that you applied to it that made it WOW me. You're reading Ferriss' 4HB right? I wanna' see an after arm pic!!

  • James McWhinney

    That's awesome man! What r the main topic of your book going to be about? Good luck with it all!

    • Thanx bro… i'm still working with some people to continue to develop the framework but it will mirror what we talk about here on Sensophy. What would you like to see in it? -=)

      • James McWhinney

        Nice. I'd like to see more unrealisticness.

        • Cool bro… Thanx for the insight – next week's post will go into the 8 Million People idea.

  • Truly awesome! Can't wait to see your book, buddy. Good stuff!!!

    • My pleasure bro! Looking fwd to it myself -=)

  • Hey Jacob! I am looking forward to your book and I know it will make a difference in many peoples life! Thanks for being so generous and appreciative of of all the responses.
    Also thanks for the challenge…. that in itself was my prize. It really kick started my new year with a deep insight into my soul and gave me a tremendous clarity and energy that already has served me well!

    • I love it Kathy! Thank you for being you. I really appreciate who you are and where you're at in life. Chat soon! -=)

  • Jacob…
    As always when you post I go right to check it out…it's just so great to feel your energy come through here!! I can't wait to see your new book, and the creativity you will bring to it and to us – through that and all the other amazing things that will without a doubt be strew with abandon along your path in life. Thanks for sharing the world and Rock on, man!!!

    • Hahaha -=)… WOW! Thanx so much Scout! It's a challenge virtually responding to something so sweet. So i will just leave it at: thank you. -=)

  • Jacob – Thanks Again for the Book! I have blazed through it and will continue to use it as the wonderful reference it is. Looking forward to your writing as well! TGIF Brother, & Continue to Rock Your World!