Have you ever wondered if working with a coach would really bring you more clarity, confidence, and success… or if it was all just a bunch of motivational BS?

When I’m promoting my coaching programs, I talk a lot of shit about how great they are. :)

And if I was in your shoes, I’d wonder if it’s mostly just “marketing hype” or if the results are real.

I’ve mentioned before how working with me can help you make a much bigger impact, overcome your fears, and become the kinda leader who’s “unfuckwithable”.

I’ve also said how my coaching can help you get immediate clarity, create your dream relationship, and put you on the fast-track to achieve your goals.

Today I’ve got a special treat for you…

I’m going to let you into one of my coaching programs, behind the screens, for free, so you can see real powerful coaching in action!

You’ll see two examples of what it’s like to be coached by me… and you’ll leave the session with powerful insights and life-changing tools…

But only if you really listen deeply and apply what you hear. If you do, it’s life-changing shit. And that’s not just marketing hype, son!

Click here to watch powerful coaching in action (video).

Click here to download the audio file instead.

The first person I coach is Nathan, a big-hearted musician who’s desiring to make a larger impact but feeling sorta stuck. Watch as he uncovers a powerful insight that gives him clarity on how to accelerate his impact.

The second person I coach is Jana, a sought-after brand consultant who’s feeling some financial fears after supporting her husband’s dream of quitting his job. Learn the specific tools I give her to overcome her fear, rewire her nervous system, and lead with love!

These are both powerful, talented, loving people. Watch closely how I work with them.

What can you learn? And how can you *apply it* right now?

Because knowing the right thing is not enough… you must apply it too.

Most people fall into the trap of “I need more information”, when what they really need is transformation! And that’s where the coaching comes in…

If you’d like to benefit from powerful coaching that’ll help you achieve your most meaningful goals – and you resonate with my approach – I invite you to apply for my new program, Unleashed.

It’s the most powerful process I’ve ever seen to help you create lasting results in whatever areas are most important to you…(impact, love life, finances, health, fun, lifestyle, family, etc.)

If accepted into the program, you’ll shatter the self-imposed limits that have stopped you from achieving more success, happiness, and freedom.

And you’ll step up in the face of challenges that most back down from… so you can create the kinda results you dream of in your career, relationships, and legacy.

But in order to do this, you must show up open-minded, courageously, and authentically. You must play full-out. And if you’re willing to do that, I’m willing to support you in making your goals a reality.

The world is waiting for the impact you’re here to make!

If you’re inspired to play a bigger game, I invite you to apply to join the program.

You’ll come on a transformational journey that lights a fire under your ass, connects you with your superpowers, and launches you into the life you were meant to live!

If you’re inspired to learn more about the program and how to join us, hit me up at [email protected]

I’ll follow up shortly with more details about how it works, who’s eligible to join, and how you can apply.

Big love,

PS: Make sure to go watch the coaching video in action so you get a feel for what it’s like to get coached by me! I think you’ll be surprised by some of what you see. (Audio version here.)