Three years ago, I walked into my bathroom with a purple marker. I popped the cap off, stuck it between my teeth, and rested my forearm on the wall. What I proceeded to write would foreshadow the adventurous, life-altering quest that led me to where I am today:

“I’m going to get paid to do what I love to do.”

How? I hadn’t the slightest idea. But I was determined to Make Shit Happen.

3 years later – what, is, crackin’?! :)

High highs. Low lows. Oh no’s. And fuck yeahs!

That’s been my journey. A nightmare turned into a dream. Faith and patience turned into frustration and doubt. Finding the strength to persevere through the financial instability. And finally, as of the last 6 months, getting paid handsomely to do what I love.

Sensophy has turned a new corner over the last 1/2 year. And that corner took me from passion to profit. From impact to income. From not knowing how I was gonna pay the bills and feed the fur (cats) for the last 3 years, to copping new gear and identifying where I want to invest my money in 2013 (Sensophy, conferences, wellness, coaching, massages, experiences, etc…)

When I dipped from my cushy tech job in February 2010, I leaned significantly into my savings account in order to finance this “extraordinary” life. In 2013, I’m so fucking pumped to start filling that same savings account back up using the money I make FROM this extraordinary life.

That? Is worth a celebration! :)

Now listen – living an extraordinary life isn’t easy. But it IS worth it.

You know all those fears you have? I have ’em too. So does she. Him too.

So know that you’re not alone. We ALL face challenges, heartbreaks, and ego-checkings which evoke self-doubt when deciding upon how to deal with our existential dilemmas. We all lose faith in ourselves, flip the bird to the universe, and the endless possibilities which seemed prevalent morph into dire pessimism.

But here’s the thing: Hardship is inevitable no matter which path we pick. Pinky-promise. So why not pick a path with a heart? Why not do the things that set your soul on fire and then blowtorch that bee’atch? Why not find your truth and then tell it to the world through the story of your life?

Get clear on your fears. Face ’em head on. Do the work. It gets less petrifying.

You’ll never be confident enough. The timing will never be perfect. You’ll always think you need more experience. The inspiration will eventually die down, and you’ll inevitably lose faith, wanna give up and be like, “WTF am I doing with my life?! Why did I think that was a good idea? Who am I to do this?!”

Here’s the deal: That is all part of the process. If you want to be fulfilled, you’ve gotta get a little uncomfortable. And if you wanna be “successful”, you’ve gotta surround yourself with like-minded peeps and inspiring mentors who can give you guidance.

This. Is. Key.

You can tell by my Praise page that I’ve found *A LOT* of like-minded people and mentors to help guide me through the misty madness of creating my ideal life.

One of those people is the homegirl Jenny Blake. She’s supported and schooled me repeatedly in figuring out how to turn my passion into profit. I’ve also interviewed her multiple times for different projects of mine.

If you’re looking to cut thru your ambiguity, move past your fear, and get the support and guidance to make shit happen, today’s your day. I’m officially introducing you to JB. :)

Today she’s opening up her Make Shit Happen course to 50 people and if what I wrote above resonates with you, I think you’d be a great fit. There’s no doubt about it – this is a serious financial investment ($400) – and sometimes that’s exactly what it takes to make shit happen! :)

Get the full scoop here.

BTW: Since I know how powerful Jenny’s guidance can be, I want to give you an extra boost of encouragement to make shit happen with her. Soooooo… I’m going to give you a free copy of Living On Purpose ($97) and a free 30 minute coaching session with me ($75) if you sign up for her course. Just fwd me a copy of your receipt and we’ll be rockin’.

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  • Love it Jacob! That commitment you made to yourself on the bathroom wall (as well as being a lot more inspiring than some of the other messages i've seen on bathroom walls) is exactly the quest I'm on myself.

    I'm still in the 'investment' stages, having just covered my mortgage and bills in my first full year of self-employment, but I'm hoping that like you the tipping point will come. And finding the right mentors and guidance is definitely the way forward :)

    • LMAO. Too funny, bro.

      Yeah dude. We all have our own journeys. Excited to support you on yours. Keep me posted and let me know how i can help! :)

  • The Unattainable Life

    I've "met" Jenny because I found her on your praise page. I love what she has to say.

    As for this post. It's fantastico! I'm trying my best to surround myself with not only like-minded people but also people who are smarter than me. I'd be no use to the people that I speak to if I'm always the smartest person in the circle (if I ever am, lol).

    Your site has introduced me to so many wonderful, intelligent, passionate, go-for-it-all kind of people. That's one of the main reasons why I love coming back.

    It's also nice to see that when you have a clear vision that it will work out if you want it to. I look forward to seeing your progress Jacob and thanks for keeping it real.

    • Word!

      1. Glad you "connected with Jenny".

      2. Love surrounding myself with people who bring me up (intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually). For sure, this is one of the biggest factors to any success i've ever had.

      3. Good to know. Anything you'd like to see more of?

      4. As a mentor of mine says: Patience, persistance, diligence, and playfulness. :)


  • "So why not pick a path with a heart?"


  • Jacob, man, thanks for sharing your personal journey! You also have mad cool handwriting. And, of course, I can tell your chic design aesthetic extends to this site :) Just came across it, will definitely be following you on your path. Your honesty here is inspiring.

    I quit my corporate job 6 months ago and am gaining much wisdom from seeing someone further down the path.

    Much respect from the Left Coast,

    • Word, dude! That handwriting was cultivated over a decade of writing my name in places it wasn't allowed to be. :)

      Good looks for the warm words and let me know how I can support you on your journey.

      Life is good. :)

  • Jacob,

    This is awesome. It actually kind of reminds me of the post I wrote accompanying my blog revamp.

    Funny how it took me THAT long to realize hardship is inevitable. I kept trying to look for the next best thing that would cure all my problems overnight or earn money immediately.

    Now, when pain and hardship comes, I'm like, oh that's cool I'll just work hard and get over it.


    • Yes!

      Sometimes the lessons that take us the longest to learn are the ones which end up becoming most useful. :)

      Enjoy the journey and keep in touch, Alden!

  • Iris

    What you said reminded me of this quote:

    "I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy." -Anthony Robbins

  • This post is awesome! I have recently quit my day job to pursue my passion.. The timing is not perfect at all. I am about to get married. Kind of scared out of my mind, but I have teamed up with some awesome people and I am putting the work it to make shit happen. Living life in a the comfort zone is boring anyway. It was great to read your inspiring story.