Lately I’ve become a fucking warrior.

Something clicked, and I’ve entered into a completely new mode of operating:

  • I’m meditating every single day – 100% no skip days.
  • I’m taking cold showers every single day – 100% no skip days.
  • I stopped masturbating – as a single man, this ain’t no walk in the park.
  • I’m working out 6 days a week – occasionally 2x per day.
  • And I’ve been skipping down the sidewalks of New York! SKIPPING!!! (…to challenge my fear of what people think of me.)

It’s like I’ve become unleashed. And this is just the beginning…

I’m on the verge of signing up for a 10-day silent meditation retreat… or going to do martial arts… or competing in my first Spartan Race.

The craziest part about all this… IT FEELS EFFORTLESS.

And because of this powerful energy inside me, it feels like my dreams are inevitable.

So what changed? Why am I doing this? And how can you benefit from this too?

8 months ago my life was good, comfortable, and successful by most people’s standards.

Shit, it was successful even by my own standards back then.

But after some huge growth earlier in my career, I realized it was now only improving marginally. And despite my hard work ethic, I wasn’t getting to the level I really wanted to.

Looking back, I started to secretly doubt if the massive success I once dreamed of was actually possible for me. So I told myself I didn’t need anything more than what I currently had. I was using “gratitude” as a crutch for “settling”.

Thankfully, I listened to that little voice of wisdom inside which urged me to slow down and take a hard honest look in the mirror. And as I did, I got the sense that I was valuing comfort more than living up to my potential. And it was time for a massive change!

I’ll save the play-by-play details of what’s happened in the 8 months since then, but essentially, I made a series of hard, yet liberating decisions…

I pressed pause on my biz growth, ended my 4 year relationship, went offline to reinvent myself, and committed to becoming the man who’s capable of creating a “10 out of 10” life in every single area…

(impact, love life, finances, health, fun, lifestyle, family, etc.)

During that time, I traveled thru Africa, Russia, and Amsterdam in a deeply introspective state, studying cutting-edge neuroscience and piecing together the secrets of human transformation.

Suddenly it hit me… “I know exactly what my next mission is!”

While researching brain-science, I realized that most personal development courses fall short of delivering lasting change because they don’t address all parts of the human operating system.

Sure, you can make some progress in one area, but without getting the complete picture of how the human operating system works, you’re living on unstable foundations. And you’re definitely not accelerating your growth at a rate that’ll bring your full potential to life.

So I decided to take on the ambitious task of creating a process that methodically takes you through the steps of unleashing your potential and transforming into the next level of what’s possible for you.

Today I’m excited to announce the unveiling of my new program – Unleashed – a 5-month “growth accelerator” for 12 selective bad-asses who dare to go head-on into their greatness.

By becoming Unleashed…

  • You’ll shatter the self-imposed limits that have stopped you from achieving more success, happiness, and freedom – and know you’re contributing to the world in a way that actually matters.
  • You’ll connect with a vision that magnetically pulls you forward so that you find the edge of your current potential and jump the fuck over it…
  • You’ll trust yourself more than ever before and feel confident being seen as your authentic-self (without overthinking, second-guessing yourself, or feeling stuck)…
  • You’ll step up in the face of challenges that most back down from, and start getting all kinda results you’ve only dreamed of in your career, relationships, and health…

Most people choose comfort over their potential.

And I don’t blame them. I’ve done that in the past and maybe one day I’ll do that again.

But life is short and I’m unwilling to play small any longer. So mark my words, I am fully fucking committed to growing into my potential.

The world is waiting for the impact I’m here to make. And it’s waiting for the impact you’re here to make too!

If you’re with me on this one and inspired to play a bigger game too, I invite you to apply to join the team…

And come on a transformational journey that lights a fire under your ass, connects you with your superpowers, and launches you into the life you were meant to live!

I won’t bullshit you and say it’s gonna be easy. But it also won’t be as hard as your fears and inner-cynic say.

Because once you get the ball moving, you’ll develop a snowball of momentum that’ll take you to places you currently can’t fathom.

Let me make one thing explicit though…

Unleashed is NOT designed to teach you. It’s designed to transform you.

Because in order to create the life of your dreams, you must first transform into the person who can make your dreams a reality.

Get it?

If you’re inspired to learn more about the program and how to join us, hit me up at [email protected]

I’ll follow up shortly with more details about how it works, who’s eligible to join, and how you can apply.

Fuck yeah,

PS: Let’s stop convincing ourselves we don’t need help and can figure it out on our own, as if that’s some badge of honor. Did you know the greatest athlete alive, Lebron James, spends 1.5 million dollars per year on extra help that enables him to perform at his highest level?