Back in 1923… there was this legendary dude named Babe Ruth who shocked the world…

It was unthinkable. Unimaginable. Un-understandable. :) But our boy Babe s-h-a-t-t-e-r-e-d the world’s record for most home-runs in a baseball season!

*If you don’t give a damn about baseball (like me), just imagine how legendary you’d need to be to have a candy bar named after you. (Baby Ruth)

((Note to self: Add “have a candy bar named after you” to the bucket list.))

But that’s not even the crazy part…

What most people don’t know about old Grandpa Babe is that back in 1923, the same year he broke the record for most home-runs in a season…

He also broke the record for the most *strikeouts* in a season.

How insane is that?!

The man who was the biggest success in the world – and had raving fans begging for his autograph – was also the biggest failure in the world… at the same exact thing!!!


When asked about this, legendary Babe simply said:

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

I love this idea… because most of us are PETRIFIED at the idea of striking-out in life…

(whether that’s asking someone on a date… or applying for a job we don’t feel qualified for yet… or leaving behind “the normal life” to follow our passion and live life on our own terms.) 

In fact…

Most people are so scared of rejection that *they reject themselves* by never allowing themselves to try.

Crazy, right?

When fear kicks in and emotions act up, logic goes flying out the window and so do our dreams!

Babe wasn’t an anomaly though. His simple wisdom of “going for it” is echoed by many top performers, including Wayne Gretzky, the world’s greatest hockey player, who said:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about leading The NO Game with our community right now!

We’re actually ENCOURAGING each other to “strike-out”, “miss shots”, and “collect NOs” by asking for things we really want.

Because when you’re willing to celebrate the process of “going for it”, you stop rejecting yourself… and eventually, you start hitting some home-runs!!!

Here are just a few examples from the 850+ people taking swings in The NO Game with us:

Man. I get SO inspired seeing people break past their fears because I remember how much it sucks to feel stuck…

Stuck in my head… stuck in my job… and stuck in a life where I KNOW there’s gottttta be something more for me.

Thinking back, I used to live in a prison of fear…

I’d take things super personally, sniff out  “signs” I wasn’t enough, and let external opinions influence my own opinion of myself.

No matter how hard I worked, I’d still feel anxious, stressed, and like I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

Until one day, I finally got the message I needed…

Everything I wanted on the OUTSIDE would only come as a result of upgrading my INSIDE.

You see, most people think that in order to get better results, they need to work harder… Never give up… Grind it out… And keep on hustling.

But all that EXTERNAL goal chasing just leaves them feeling burnt-out and secretly disappointed.

That’s because happiness and success are ALWAYS an inner game.

Think about it like a mango tree. :) If wanted to grow more mangos, you wouldn’t go work on the branches. (The external.)

You would work on the soil, the roots, the foundation. (The internal.)

So if YOU wanna have a more fruitful life… focus on your inner game!

You can also think about it like a skyscraper. The higher you want the building to be… (Externally)

The deeper you’ll need to dig the foundation. (Internally)

So if YOU wanna build a bad-ass skyscraper of a life… focus on your inner game!

It’s time to get a handle on your fears, limiting-beliefs, blind-spots, and survival-patterns that make it impossible for you to reach your full potential.

Because without upgrading your inner game, more action just leads to more frustration.

This is the reason I created The Inner Game Immersion…

…a 10 week strategic program to help you level-up your Inner Game in all the important areas of life.

Whether you’re struggling with a lack of clarity, challenging emotions, feeling uninspired, or like you don’t know your purpose…

…those are all Inner Game upgrades waiting to happen!

In the program, we’ll come together as a group, hold a mirror to your greatness, and guide you through the powerful upgrades necessary to live with the highest levels of fulfillment, joy, and success.

So that ultimately, your deepest dreams can come true…

…whether that’s finding a better job, falling in love, being healthier, traveling the world, having financial freedom or anything else that you might not even know yet.

Right now, the world needs more people who lead with love. And that’s only possible when you’ve got a handle on your fears.

I’m challenging myself – and you – you to step up, out of our comfort-zone, and into our Inner Game Immersion.

>> Apply for The Inner Game Immersion…

…so that together, we can support each other in becoming better versions of ourselves and creating a better version of the world.

On purpose,

PS: Check out some of the people who played The Inner Game Immersion with us last year by scrolling down on this page!

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