Dear Blog,

There’s something that I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a long time. I’m not too comfortable sharing this because I’m afraid if I tell people, they’ll think I’m a raging lunatic. Well, here goes:

I have an allergy to the word “realistic!”

That’s right. It’s true. When I hear the word, I immediately get cramps in my abdominal region, my eyes puff up, and my armpits itch uncontrollably. I feel mentally confused, dizzy, and nearly vomit viciously.

I wasn’t sure what to do about this. If I consulted with doctors, they may have locked me in an insane asylum.

I had to prove to myself that my marbles hadn’t all escaped me. Lord knows they almost did. But that’s when Tim Ferriss took me to a Jets game with Gary Vaynerchuk and my symptoms disappeared.

Things started to make sense again but my soul just wasn’t satisfied. So, I did the seemingly impossible and went out to get 48 of my favorite people’s perspectives on one simple question:

What is the most “unrealistic” thing that you’ve ever accomplished, and what did you learn from the process?

Their insights have brought stunning clarity to my mind and I’m happy to write that my armpit itching has since ceased.

On purpose,

Jacob Sokol


Seth Godin

Seth Godin ··· Linchpin

Not sure I’ve ever done anything unrealistic, except for refusing to believe I was being unrealistic.


Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau ··· The Art of Non-Conformity

Overcoming my fear to move to West Africa and do something bigger than myself. Before then, I had a pretty nice life — I wasn’t killing it, but I had a nice small business that allowed me to play music at night and pretty much do whatever I wanted.

The only problem was that I wasn’t challenged. When I heard of an opportunity to pack it all in and move to Sierra Leone and volunteer for a charity with a two-year commitment, I was excited… and scared. It was unrealistic and not all that practical either, but it was the best decision I ever made.


Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers ··· CD Baby

I graduated college in 2 years, started a little company that made me $30,000,000, learned to scuba dive in an arctic lake in Iceland in the deep fissure between the tectonic plates, slept with a movie star, watched Peter Gabriel run up to me to say he loved my work, toured Japan as the guitarist for a Japanese pop star, made friends with my favorite authors, and married the girl of my dreams. (Most of that was in the last 2 years.)

What I learned is that all of this is as simple as doing laundry or anything else. 100 times a day you make a choice of what to do. Turn on the TV, or book a flight to Iceland? Browse Facebook, or contact your heroes? Relax, or create something new tonight? When you choose the “unrealistic” choice every day, you’ll be surprised how uncrowded and welcoming it is.


Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta ··· Zen Habits

Doing what I love for a living. I accomplished that in 2007 when I created Zen Habits and then quit my day job a year later. I never imagined I’d do that — I thought I’d be working for others my entire life. I learned that you’ll never do what you love unless you start doing it, every day.


Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan ··· Human Business Works

Great question. Everything I do is unrealistic. I started a marketing agency, told the world I sold to Fortune 100s, and they came. That’s pretty crazy, considering I had zero customers before I said that.




Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson ··· Philosopher’s Notes

First, quick context: It’s 12 years ago. I’m 24. I just dropped out of law school and I’m living with my mom (go me!). I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, when I come up with an idea to serve families involved in youth sports (think Little League baseball, AYSO soccer) by building technology that will allow them to easily create team and league web sites — filled with schedules, standings and pictures that grandma and grandpa can check out if they miss the game.

Before we even did anything, my vision was to have 1 million teams using it within 5 years. Everyone said I was crazy — including one uber successful guy who told me to (and I quote) “Take another hit off that pipe if you think you can do that.” Long story a little shorter, we created, won UCLA’s biz plan competition, raised $5+ million, eventually hired the CEO of adidas to replace me as the CEO and got to 1 million+ teams in just over 4 years (and now serve 3 million+).

I learned that if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do something, you’re committed to going for it and you’re willing to work on it thru the inevitable “WTF am I doing” moments, you can pretty much do anything.


Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene ··· Tiny Buddha

This is a tough one to answer because I’ve never done anything unrealistic — if it wasn’t realistic, it couldn’t have happened! I have, however, accomplished things that I once thought would be highly difficult to achieve. The recent one that comes to mind is my book deal. I always wanted to write a book, but I believed I was far better at writing shorter pieces, like articles and blog posts.

I later realized that a book is just many smaller pieces put together — and that’s true for a lot of things in life. Anything that appears to be big grows from one small act built on top of another.


David Garland

David Siteman Garland ··· Smarter Faster Cheaper

Starting my own TV show when I was 22 years old, hosting it and getting it onto ABC. The lesson learned? Don’t become obsessed with the “how” to do something. Instead focus on the “what if” and the “why”.


Everett Bogue

Everett Bogue ··· Far Beyond The Stars

I thought the most unrealistic thing was when I quit my job and moved across the country. Now that seemed easy. I thought the most unrealistic thing was when I started a location-independent business that made money in my sleep. Now that seemed easy. I thought the most unrealistic thing I ever did was to take 1-2 yoga classes every day for two months. Now that seemed easy. Now the most unrealistic thing I’m going to try to achieve is searching for a deeper reason for the end society’s obsession with physical objects… We’ll see. Maybe it’ll be easy?

The more I focus my attention fully on doing superhumanly unrealistic things, the more I realize that anything is possible. You gain strength, power, and energy from being unrealistic. So do it.


Arsene Hodali

Arsene Hodali ··· Dance Proof

I could talk about me jumping out of a perfectly good plane, surviving for 6 months on two hours of sleep a day, or about the 20+ schools I went to before I turned 15. But for me the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever done is, simply put, survive (on my own terms). A consequence of having survived the Rwandan genocide is that my mom became schizophrenic from it, and thus I had to somehow provide for my entire family while working less than 10 hours a week (a must because my mom needed supervision)… all at the age of 17. Game over, right?

I thought so too. But through hard work I was able to start a couple of businesses — including a dance business that works with the government to help at-risk youths stay in school through dance. Proud to say that now, just turned 20, I’m able to fully sustain for my family while working less than 10 hours a week (it’s actually been less than 3 hours a week for the past 5 months), leaving me enough time to pursue other interests. How’s that for unrealistic?




Adam Baker

Adam Baker ··· Man Vs. Debt

In 2008, we decided to sell everything we owned, pay off $18,000 in consumer debt, and travel the world with our newborn daughter!

It was a crazy idea at the time — no really, a lot of our family and friends thought we were crazy. But we grew more as people and as a family than we could have ever imagined possible.


Karol Gajda

Karol Gajda ··· Ridiculously Extraordinary

One unrealistic thing I accomplished is starting a business while in university and earning far more than the GDP per capita by the time I graduated. Therefore, I never needed to look for a job upon graduation and never looked back from living a life of freedom. The biggest takeaway I got from this is that I need to believe in my convictions even when things aren’t going in my favor, and especially when they are.


Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian ··· Mars Dorian

The most “unrealistic” thing I have done so for is creating my own, unique digital career. I managed to build an entire business using my personality as a brand, while being willing to crash and burn occasionally. No matter how cheesy it sounds, when you follow your guts, ignore the outside resistance, and you take MASSIVE action, you will find your true destiny. It’s about crafting a laser-sharp focus on your path and implementing the trial-and-error method on a daily basis. Concentrate on what matters, and hack away the unessential.


Henrik Edberg

Henrik Edberg ··· The Positivity Blog

Off the top of my head I would say that the most unrealistic thing I have accomplished is writing articles that are read by many thousands of people every day. It still boggles my mind to just think about all those people sitting in front of their computers each day, reading something I have written and, in many cases I hope, getting something helpful out of it. I could never have dreamed of something so awesome happening just 4 years ago.


Eric LaForest

Eric LaForest ··· Elevated Simplicity

I had worked for a telecom corporation for 10 years, making $73k a year, great health care and 5 weeks of vacation, and I quit. Without another job lined up or even a plan on future income. I’d had enough! I learned more about myself during this time than I had in the previous 32 years of existence, and would have been pissed if I’d allowed all the naysayers to detract me from gaining knowledge, courage, enlightenment and perspective.




Jay Baer

Jay Baer ··· Convince & Convert

Without question, the most unrealistic thing I ever did was getting my wife to date me. I completely blew the early phase. I’m not good at playing it cool, and went full stalker from the get-go. Through incredible perseverance at a level I have never subsequently matched, I convinced her to be my friend — and eventually my girlfriend — over a period of years.

I learned the value of diligence, strategic planning, recovery from failure, and a bunch of other things that have proved to be invaluable. If I hadn’t been successful in that one, early endeavor my life would be a lot different — and unquestionably worse — than it is today.


Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn ··· Smart Passive Income

When I went to college at Berkeley, I was on a women’s rowing team! Let me explain. In 2003, I used to row for the Men’s Cal Lightweight Crew until I suffered an injury and was no longer able to row. At the same time, the Women’s Lightweight Crew lost their coxswain (the person on the boat who yells commands to the rowers). With a race coming up, they needed an emergency replacement, and I volunteered. We immediately bonded and ended up winning all of our races together!

I learned a couple of valuable lessons: Just because things aren’t “the way they are supposed to be” doesn’t mean that it can’t work out. Don’t let negative reactions stop you if you really believe in something. Doing things out of your comfort zone is how you get to experience new things in life. At the end of the year, I was awarded Coxswain of the year for the entire Lightweight Crew team, both male and female.


Corbett Barr

Corbett Barr ··· Think Traffic

The most “unrealistic” thing I’ve accomplished has to be becoming a “professional” blogger. When I started, everything I read talked about how impossible it is to earn a living blogging. Funny thing is, I now hang out with lots of pro bloggers regularly, all of whom started within the past two years. I guess we’re all a little unrealistic.


Glen Stansberry

Glen Stansberry ··· Life Dev

I’d have to say that co-forming the group was one of the most unrealistic things I’ve accomplished. The fact that we were able to pull in the talent level of writers (NYT best selling authors, top world bloggers, etc.) into a nice little blogging family was pretty unlikely, yet we pulled it off.

Through the process I learned that having real conversations with people and putting them first wins every time. Also: quantity doesn’t equate quality.


Celestine Chua

Celestine Chua ··· The Personal Excellence Blog

The most “unrealistic” thing: Quitting a well-coveted Fortune 100 career to start totally from scratch and pursue my passion instead. It’s been less than 2 years and I now generate a 5 digit monthly income doing what I love to do.

What I learned (or rather, an affirmation of what I knew before that): Focus on value, and money will fall into place itself. While I track my income, I have never once set income as a primary goal and have always focused on coming up with ideas that will bring the best value for my readers instead. This has translated itself into results in all areas.




Annabel Candy

Annabel Candy ··· Get In the Hot Spot

I gave birth to my second child, a whopping 11lb 1oz (5kg) baby at home naturally, despite having a caesarean delivery for my first baby (who was also big, just under 11lbs). A lot of people think once you’ve had one baby by caesarean section, you have to have caesarean deliveries for all your babies. But I did a lot of research and planning, conquered my fears and readjusted my mind set, then surrounded myself with people who also believed a normal, natural delivery was possible after caesarean.

Many people thought it couldn’t be done, that I was crazy, never mind unrealistic, but I showed that you can make your goals and dreams become real, no matter how unrealistic they seem, as long as you’re determined to succeed.


J.D. Meier

J.D. Meier ··· Sources of Insight

The most unrealistic thing I accomplished was pole vaulting 10 feet. I never saw myself as a pole vaulter. I’ve never done anything so physically complicated from bending the pole just right to getting my body over the bar to releasing the pole… all in a flow. The day I did it, I first saw myself as the little pole vaulter that could, then made it happen. It’s true that what the mind can see, the body can achieve.


Sean OgleSean Ogle ··· Location 180

People told me I was crazy to quit my cushy finance job in one of the most uncertain economic times in recent history. They said I was even crazier for thinking a move to Thailand and my goal of owning a business was any kind of feasible option. Well last month I made more money than I would have made in my “real” job.

I’ve learned that achieving unrealistic goals isn’t always hard. It just takes the willingness to take a chance on something that excites you — and when it works, it pays off tenfold.


Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha ··· 1000 Awesome Things

Getting over a broken heart. It helped me learn that even baby steps add up, every day’s a new chance, and attitude means more for our future than memories do…


Melissa Gorzelanczyk

Melissa Gorzelanczyk ··· Peace and Projects

Quitting my day job! The process took over two years, but the lesson I learned applies to almost every goal in life: You have to take the first step. Then, do that every day until you reach your goal. If you keep moving, you can do anything — write a novel, be a good parent, quit your day job, get out of debt, lose weight. Just focus on one step. And repeat.




Gianpaolo Pietri

Gianpaolo Pietri ··· Simply Optimal

Four and a half years ago on Friday, I was sitting in a meeting with other architects going over the game plan for a big presentation to a client the following Monday. After agreeing to have everything I was responsible for ready, I went back to my desk, gathered up all my papers, threw them in the trash, went to the airport and bought a ticket to Helsinki, Finland to tell my girlfriend I wanted to get married. My surprise scheme backfired, and it didn’t work out, but by the time I got back a week later I had a new job paying me more money, and my failed escapade ended up creating a new opportunity.

I thought that was pretty unrealistic until I decided to quit my job (again), sell all of my things, and move to New York City to live life by my own rules and on my own terms while providing value to anyone who’ll listen. What have I learned? That no matter what, despite all the setbacks, failures, and hardships along the way, I would do it ALL again… and again… and again.


Tyler Tervooren

Tyler Tervooren ··· Advanced Riskology

I found a big, passionate group of people who think like I do in a pretty short period of time. When I was starting Advanced Riskology, I got a lot of advice from people saying things like “Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away” or “That sounds kind of radical. Are you sure people will listen?” I kept my expectations high anyway, went all in, and did it.

When you give yourself no other option, things work out a lot faster, and unsolicited advice from people who never believed in you anyway is no indication of what you’re capable of.


Lea Woodward

Lea Woodward ··· Location Independent

The most unrealistic thing we’ve accomplished? Back in 2006, we sold almost everything we owned, set up a business to run 100% online and took off to “move” to Panama to become location independent. Back then, it was much less common and we knew no-one else doing it in the same way we were.

What did we learn? That even when everyone doubts you and what you’re trying to achieve (especially those closest to you), you can achieve it anyway.


Sathvik Tantry

Sathvik Tantry ··· There’s Money Everywhere

The most “unrealistic” thing I’ve ever accomplished was when I convinced two close friends to drop everything and move with me to Santiago, Chile… literally on a whim. Other than wanting to start a business, we had no real idea about what we were going to do. We ended up getting plugged into a network of Chilean government officials, and nearly convinced them to give us funding to build a mining equipment trading platform.

Unfortunately the plans fell through at the last minute, and we decided to return to the states. Even though we failed, it was still an accomplishment in terms of a great adventure and a wonderful story.


Tripp Lanier

Tripp Lanier ··· The New Man

Five months after graduating from college with an art/communications degree, I started my own business — having zero business experience. Within a few years I had an employee and enough cash to fund what I really loved to do — create, record and perform my own music.

I learned anything is possible if you have a vision, you’re connected to others and you’re willing to work hard.




Dirk de Bruin

Dirk de Bruin ··· Upgrade Reality

Turning the dream of hooking up with dozens of hot girls into a reality. Up until I was 18 years old I was the most shy guy in the world, too scared to even say hello to a pretty girl. I thought this was my fate and how I’d be for the rest of my life, but something inspired me to take action to change it.

A few years down the line, after much learning, practice, money spent and approaching literally hundreds of girls, I’m at the point where I can hook up with a pretty girl almost every night I go out. Awesome!


Josh Roa

Josh Roa ··· 80 Day Millionaire

Cold-calling the CEO of New Zealand’s #1 SEO Firm directly and convincing him that he should take me under his wing, mentor me and employ me as his Personal Assistant. At the end of the hour-long call, he said he looked forward to me starting the following Monday. For many, that can be an impossible or unrealistic task, but amazing things are certainly possible when you have the motivation, perseverance and focus to go after what you want.

Another important part of this puzzle however, is the alignment of every other factor in order for your goal to be realised. Some call it “The Law of Attraction”, others, a “higher power” and the rest simply put it down to “good fortune.” Looking back, I can attribute all of my failures to a lack in one or all of those personal qualities, as well as that “right time” feeling.


Arina NikitinaArina Nikitina ··· Arina’s Self Help Blog

The most unrealistic thing I have ever accomplished was finishing a 3 year university program in 3 semesters. It might not seem so “extraordinary”, but take into consideration that when I got accepted to The Biccoca University in Milan, I could hardly say two words in Italian. So basically, I was learning Italian by reading books on Business Psychology, Neurology and Biochemistry. It took a lot of time and hours of super-speed studying to pass my first exam, but after that, things got easier.

This is how I learned that every single person is capable of doing extraordinary things. Most of us just don’t know about it. Try and you will be amazed!


Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman ··· Peter Shankman

I never thought I could complete a full Ironman Triathlon with my schedule and the amount of business travel I do.

I learned that when you think you’re tired, your body can still perform. That goes for anything you do in your life.


Rob Rammuny

Rob Rammuny ··· Rob’s Web Tips

The most unrealistic thing that I’ve ever accomplished was turning my entire life around. I went from a struggling drug addict on the streets to making a name for myself in the world. I’ve been able to go from the lifestyle everyone looks down on to the lifestyle everyone wish they could live.

I learned that change is possible, no matter where you’re at in your life. You just need to keep your head up and believe the unbelievable.




Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie ··· Make Money on the Internet

I got fired from my day job in October 2009 and in the following year made triple the income I did while I was working a full time sales job. I learned that you can’t let your friends dictate what you can accomplish. In the weeks after I got fired people kept telling me that I needed to go get a “real job” and to quit wasting my time doing website stuff. The best part is that, even now, I still get that comment from time to time and I just laugh it off, because telling them that I earned well into the six figures a year from my “fake job” would just be rude.

Bottom line: if you aren’t working extra hours after you get home from work to build an online business, you should start now! Just remember to ask yourself this question before getting started: “How Does It Make Money?


Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel ··· Rowdy Kittens

I never thought I would leave my day job and start my own small business. Since the beginning of February, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned how to stop doing stupid work, to believe in abilities, and that relationships are the most important thing in my life. Developing amazing relationships has helped me become a happier and healthier person. Without strong relationships, I don’t think I would have taken the risk of starting my little business and following my dreams.


Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews ··· Tropical MBA

You put “unrealistic” in quotes, which is exactly how I think of it. That’s to say, I don’t think anything I’ve ever done is particularly remarkable. There are people who see the achievements of others and marvel at them and focus on the difference or impossibility of achieving something similar.

I’ve always sought to deconstruct particular successes, seek out things I have in common with them, and get moving on towards them. I think this is a fairly common mindset, especially amongst entrepreneurs.


David Risley

David Risley ··· PC Mech

My life has been a chain of “unrealistic” events. Thing is, they were realistic when they happened, but not realistic beforehand. Everything from running my first product launch to becoming a dad.

What I’ve learned is that the idea of whether it is realistic or not is purely a perception, and not based on exterior fact. In other words, we put up arbitrary walls of “realism” inside our heads which serve to keep us within certain boundaries, and when we end up on the other side of that wall, you see it for what it is.


Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey ··· Productive Flourishing

Building my business is probably the most unrealistic thing that I’ve done. In its earliest stages, many people said that building a sustainable business from a website wouldn’t work. As it grew, many more experienced online entrepreneurs said that I couldn’t build it the way that I have – I’d need to be more salesy, more watered-down, and less holistic. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned a lot of lessons, but things keep getting better and better.

Next up: finishing a book and a dissertation in the same year, while continuing to grow the business. :p




Colin Wright

Colin Wright ··· Exile Lifestyle

After I quit my last job in LA, I had a month’s worth of rent in the bank, no clients and an ex-boss who was looking for ways to screw me over and threatening lawsuits over all kinds of imagined wrongdoing. Despite these hurdles, I managed to cobble together a client-base, then build that into a business, and then build that into a flourishing business that was bringing in 6-figures of profit within a year.

Through it all I learned the value of my network, the power of incredibly hard work (when applied correctly) and that there are far more important things in life than money, though money can help you attain/achieve those things.


Jay Piecha

Jay Piecha ··· Suite J

I think just working for myself online is unrealistic! I’m a high school dropout from a fishing town with a pop. of 3000 people, who just decided to buy a computer when I realized “rock star” wasn’t gonna pan out. Everything I’ve done, I taught myself… I still type with two fingers!


Michael Donghia

Michael Donghia ··· The Art of Minimalism

The most “unrealistic” thing I’ve done is to get off my butt, start a blog, and write passionately about stuff that matters. It’s a strange feeling when you get to the point and realize that potentially thousands of people will read what you write, but it causes you to think critically and elevate your life to an entirely new level.

The scariest part is the fear that no one will care what you have to say. That can be a major blow to your confidence and self-esteem. But I’ve learned to kill that voice and follow my heart — the results always follow.


Jonathan Mead

Jonathan Mead ··· Illuminated Mind

Deciding to live and create my life consciously. As much as possible every day, I do my best to decide to live the life that I want to. It seems like that should be the norm, but unfortunately it’s not. I think it’s one of the most radical things you can choose to do.


Peter Clemens

Peter Clemens ··· The Change Blog

I’m not sure if “unrealistic” is the best description of this, but certainly the most important thing I’ve done is travel for one year in 2003-04 after finishing university. Until this experience I was really just following a well-worn path.

Travel opened my eyes to the opportunities in the world and gave me a new outlook on life. It’s also how I met my wife and came to be living in Canada (I’m originally from Australia).




Dean Hunt

Dean Hunt ··· Dean Hunt

Speaking on stage to 300+ people in Washington in March of 2009. I’d previously believed, like many people, that public speaking was a fear worse than death. In this case, it was my baptism of fire… Not only were there 300+ people, they each paid $3,000 to be there, it was being filmed for a DVD… and all my friends, industry leaders and peers were in the room. The upshot of this little tale is that it went really well and I’ve done it numerous times since..

I learned that comfort zones are like muscles; they contract or expand depending on how much you stretch them… I believe very little in life, except that business of any real value is not done from within our comfort zones. “Money is where the fear is.” Life is too damn short, and when we are on our death bed, it is the things we didn’t do in life that will plague us, not the things we could have done better.


Dave Fleet

Dave Fleet ··· Dave Fleet

The most unrealistic thing I’ve accomplished was becoming a Vice President in an agency before reaching 30. I put the achievement down to sacrifice and hard work over the last 9 years.

That whole process taught me a lot; that you need to learn — early on — how to rely on others; that you shouldn’t be threatened by people smarter than you (they make my life so much easier); that you need to respect your team’s work/life boundaries; and that, sometimes, you need to put life before work.


Eliot Burdett

Eliot Burdett ··· Peak Sales Recruiting

Some of my memorable achievements include going from not exercising to doing a triathlon within one year while I was in University, earning $100k in a year before I turned 27, speaking to an audience of 1,000 people, securing marquee accounts for my various businesses, becoming a CEO in my second start-up (I was a co-founder and VP in my first company, which my two partners and I sold) and becoming a father, twice! Another time I wanted to combat my fear of heights by going parachuting (which I did twice, along with bungee jumping twice), and in one of my zanier moves, I wrapped up a bunch of consulting projects to successfully start my current company while my wife was 6 months pregnant with our first child (something I don’t recommend anyone else do, btw).

None of these seemed unrealistic to me at the time — I just decided to do these things and set out to achieve them. Even future goals like traveling to the moon (on my version of a bucket list) don’t seem that outrageous to me — consider the advances in drugs and medicine that will likely allow me to live well past 100 (my goal is 150), which will leave plenty of time for moon travel to become commonplace. The bottom line is that (correctly or foolishly) I have always believed I can achieve any goal I set my mind on, so from my perspective I have never really had any unrealistic goals.

Here’s where YOU come in:

1. I would love to hear about the most unrealistic thing you’ve ever accomplished. Feel free to email me or drop a comment below and I’ll respond to you. I’m super inspired by this line of thought.

2. If you’re inspired by any of the above, it would mean the world to me if you could share this. How else will 8 million people be inspired?!

All photos are courtesy of the #1 travel photography blog, Stuck In Customs.

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  • First and foremost… i want to publicly appreciate each and every one of you terrific smelling people above. You are immensely inspiring and have shattered my perception of reality into pieces. Thank You!

    • arsenehodali

      As I told you Jacob. You're doing so many big things pointing in the right direction at a fantastically breakneck speed. Keep it up!

      Honor to be included in this.

      • Thank you bro! Let me ask you to give me a shout if you ever see that change. I would be honored for constructive feedback. Chat soon -=)

    • awesome! i have that same allergy!! ;-) i use this little video as allergy medicine sometimes ;-)

      • sweet vid u put together! thanx for the share -=)

        • you're welcome! glad it spoke to you! i could learn a thing or ten from you about how to promote it! ;-)

  • An inspiring and comprehensive list of change agents. Honored and humbled to be included. Great effort on an epic post.

    • Dude. Thanx so much for your contribution to this. It looks like we really spoke to some people and this became way bigger than us. That was the intention behind it so it's rewarding to see it actualize. Looking fwd to connecting w u online and in person yo.

  • Jacob. Thank you, thank you, thank you …such a wonderful and great idea! I just finished the 4-hour-work-week and I literally can feel how my life is shifting. Everything is possible and 'reality' is simply a construct of ideas made by myself. This post is just another push into the right direction. Awesome and so inspiring. Woooohooooo. Thanks again!!!

    • Ines. How much of a cheeseball am i going to sound like when i tell you that what you wrote touches me deeply? Yep, a pretty damn big cheeseball. i LOVE where you're at right now!! You are welcome, welcome, welcome!! Keep me posted on your progress and process…

    • Ines! I wrote you a reply to this but i'm not seeing it on my side… So let me just tell you that you KICK BUTT. Thanx for doing so!

  • Hey Jacob,
    Totally awesome post, fantastic list and gorgeously stunning images!

    You've done an incredible job here and I really hope you reach your target of 8 million people!

    All the best and thanks for including me here

    • Haha! Thanx bro. Glad you were a part of it. 8 million doesn't seem all that "unrealistic" if i'm willing to dedicate my entire life to it. The only question now is, am i?

      Chat soon…

  • Dude Jacob, this is the most freakin' impressive list of bloggers these eyes have ever seen!

    I learned a massive, shit ton of information about bloggers I know and didn't know.

    You rocked it homes- so that smell is probably my envy… or my breath since it's still early here… ah hell let's just call it both!


    • Hahaha! Dude did you actually read the whole list? I thought i may be the only one!

      I may use your comment as a testimonial one day: "I learned a massive shit ton." Okay,truth be told, that was probably the smell… ;)

      • Hell yah I did! If you took the time to compile such a list at least we can do is read it you know!

        That would be an awesome testimonial wouldn't it and I appologize for my odor- I will leave now…


        • Don't apologize for being the shit man! If its in you, its in you.

      • Totally awesome post, fantastic list and gorgeously stunning images!

  • Jayne

    Wow did you seriously email all these peeps with your question and they answered??!! That's unrealistically unrealistic ~ Jacob rocks it again!! Seriously inspiring and impressive blog post!!


    • Thanx Jayne! I did indeed; i actually emailed about 75 people so the return rate was sweet. Stoked that you're inspired by it. Chat soon sis!

  • Natasha

    … and one day your face will be featured in a blog like this…

    Every week I watch you do something extraordinary and unrealistic and every week I am taken back to catch my breath, your living your life out loud and making an example to everyone that anything you set your mind to is possible.. Thank you

    And Thanks to all the 48 online authorities for helping you spread this empowerment !

    • Thanx Tash. Hope it hits you deep down cause one day it's gonna be you doing the "unrealistic."

  • Jacob – thanks for putting together such an awesome collection of inspiration. Definitely beats coffee this Monday morning :) Cheers!

    • Hahaha!! My pleasure Mike – thanx for hanging out. BTW, if you give me your address i'll send you some better coffee. -=)

  • Whoa! This is an amazingly inspiring list Jacob, and I'm sincerely honored that you included me in such a stellar collection of bloggers and entrepreneurs.

    This post is the perfect Monday morning destination, especially for those who are being held back by that ugly R word!


    • lolol – The honor is all mine man. Looking fwd to continuing to learn from you as we relentlessly jump the R word together. Thanx for the contribution bro!

  • gem77

    brilliant….just brilliant! I am now trying to come up with something "unrealistic" that i can turn on its ass!!!! :0)

    • Hmmmmm… well let me know how i can be of some assistance. What would you do if you knew 100% that you could not fail?

      • gem77

        it's been staring me in the face!! i would have my book that i have been writing for (far too many) years published by the middle of next year! I am currently on chapter 2………its VERY unrealistic!! BUT, a very wise person once quoted…."Realism can suck it!!" (still my favorite quote!!)

        • LMAO! That's awesome… I wanna ask you all types of questions like "What's the book about?" and "Are you selling a physical version or will it be an ebook?" but a better question is probably "What baby step can you take today toward that goal?" Let me know how i can help…

          • gem77

            ha! its a fantasy adventure type thing…magic and stuff! And i want it to be a physical book…then a movie of course!! ;0) ….i guess the baby step is to make sure i work on it every single day…even just a bit! And thanks….(you are kinda helping already!)

            • That sounds wild!! Want me to hold you accountable? i can call you at 3am to make sure you've done your days work. Or you can give me, say $1000, and if you don't do your days work, i can donate it to charity -=)

              • gem77

                haha! well, i live in the uk so that is one expensive call…..!! Feel free to bug me on twitter tho!!! @gemmab77……hmmmm i think this will be a good challenge for me, might stop me procrastinating!!

                • You're on! BTW: i have skype and i'm not afraid to use it!

                  • gem77


  • Well done Jacob! You assembled a really good amount of information here. Love your blog. Keep up the great work!


    • Thanx so much Mark. Looking fwd to continuing to link witcha'

  • outstanding content my man – way to make connections with all these amazing peeps! the most unrealistic thing i've done: flown to Oahu to meet an author – with no plans beyond that, including no place to stay! But it all worked out (and continues to do so)!

    • That's some non stop awesomeness! i think it's pretty amazing and "unrealistic" that he featured you in his blog too: The Art of Non-Conformity » Early Preview of the Travel Hacking Cartel – – thanx for encouraging me to reach out to him!

  • This is a deeply inspiring list. Well-done! What I love hearing is how people had no idea whether what they would do would fly or not. They just did it. That "not knowing" stops so many but it's got to be part of the experience!

    • Love it Bridget. Thanx so much for your feedback and support on twitter too! Embracing the unknown has been one of the most empowering shifts in my consciousness. So cool that you've done the same -=)

  • What an awesome accomplishment to have so much incredible insight in one jam packed blog.

    Even more exciting is that I am privileged to know so many of these people and call them my friends.

    Also glad to have found your blog Jacob.


    • Thanx so much Natalie. Just checked out your youtube channel and it looks like a decent amount of fun. -=) Excited to continue to link as we move fwd… Chat soon…

  • jaybaer

    Killer project. Honored to be a tiny part of it.

    • You ROCK bro. Thank you so much for your contribution and involvement. Super special!

  • Hi Jacob, I really enjoyed this. First time here–Charlie Gilkey posted on FB. Very inspiring to read what others have done–great collection here!

    Most unrealistic thing I've done? Living consciously, choosing, being aware of my choices. Actually that's not unrealistic, but what's really amazing is meeting (or reading about, as in this post) so many other people with similar minds lately! Now THAT is awesome :)

    Love it.

    • So cool Leah. I'm thrilled that this post spoke to you, thrilled! -=)

      Living consciously is an amazing approach to life. Congratulations on taking on the task ;)

      Lookin' fwd to seeing how we can consciously create our ideal futures together in contribution to the world.

      Chat soon…

  • This is outstanding! Just what I needed to read today. Thank you Jacob for putting this together and thanks to Charlie Gilkey for leading me here.

    • i LOVE it Laura. Appreciate you stopping by! Have an AMAZING day -=)

  • Honor to be included :)

    • You are too cool for school David. Thanx again for your contribution!

  • I am totally inspired. Thank you!!!

    • Okay. So i'm looking for the right words to say to you. I'm gonna' have to go with: You're Welcome! -=) Thanx so much for engaging!!

  • Well done. I like the stories and the insight from the collective perspective.

    It brings one of my favorite quotes to life:
    "No problem can withstand the assult of sustained thinking." — Voltaire

  • Hi Jacob,

    You really belong within your own list. Your drive, passion, and ability to inspire reminds us all that to believe in possibilities. It's such an honor to be part of this list. I'm grateful that you reached out to me and introduced me to your site =)


    • WOW. I'm almost speechless, almost -=) Thanx so much for you words and actions Lori. Thrilled to be creating our lives together in tune with something super special.

  • I am really impressed by your idea, Jacob!

    We are amusing ourselves to death from the media from the politics from the news…. how many people actually stop and think about who they are, why they are here, where they will go. it is very sad to see the world is going so superficial and people are blessed of ignorance.

    It is good to see there is still a land of enlightment. Ur ebook really speaks out my mind.

    • That is so freaking cool. I'm feeling ultra privileged to be connecting with you Ying. Thanx for hangin' with me and thanx for doing the work it took to get you to where you are now. Lookin' fwd to the future! -=)

  • I said just today, "there's no such thing as 'instant' success". Maybe I'll have to rethink that. :)

    • LMAO! You are a riot. I don't have much else to say. -=)

  • Paul

    'The reasonable person adapts to the changing world. The unreasonable person adapts the world."
    -David Epstein

    • Great stuff Paul. Reminds me of George Bernard Shaw: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Super cool stuff!!

  • Awesome post Jacob! I thought I was the only "crazy" unrealistic person…glad I got some company…and it looks like GREAT company! Maybe I'll be listed in the near future.

    I am in the midst of doing something unrealistic as we launch a new project…soon launching a business that only few have attempted and fewer have been successful.

    • Uber Cool Jackie… Looking fwd to finding out more about you and your projects as well as connecting in the future! Chat soon dude…

  • Jacob, the most unrealistic thing accomplished was receiving a comment from Gary Vaynerchuk to this somewhat embarrasing post…. It marked the start of an engagement that resulted me being a guest on his Wine Library TV show. Reaching out to people can be amazing and I am truly thankful for it.

    • AMAZING man! How cool is that?! Really enjoyed checking out the post. Keep in touch!

      • Cheers, will keep in touch for sure. Amazed how you rounded up such diverse talent – speaks for yourself. And thanks so much for sharing all this inspiration!

        • Ahhhh dude – my pleasure! Looking fwd to it…

  • Very inspiring! Thanks Jacob – terrific list.

    • Thanx so much Darleen. Super stoked that it touched you!!!

  • The most unrealistic thing that I did was walk out of a tour in an ad agency. I was so disgusted by what I saw, I decided to NEVER get a job… I never turned in one resume, went to any job interviews, or worked with career services at my college. Instead of wasting my time, I started a business. 8 years later My business is running strong! Now my plans are to change my service based business (graphic design) into a passive income.

    • Hahaha… love it Jenny. Your site looks super cool and i'm looking fwd to getting to know more about it, and you! Chat soon!!

  • This is a GREAT post – thank you!!!! I got pretty darn unrealistic about four years ago when, at 50, I decided I was DONE phoning my life in. I rented out my house, got in the car and asked the universe to show me the way to the work of my heart, that I could do from anywhere I want to be.

    And after an amazing three year exploration and incredible adventures, I got there!

    Now I get to guide people to whatever impracticality they're dreaming of. People who are where I was – settling for patterns that don't work, settling for less than they know they're here for…it's amazing, and it never ever would have happened if I hadn't woken up that day and said: No more. No flipping more. Now or ever.
    GO FOR IT!!!! Why ever not?

    • Holy Crap! Thats astounding Scout -=)

      I particularly enjoyed: "Now I get to guide people to whatever impracticality they're dreaming of."

      And i can whole heartedly relate to how empowering breaking patterns can be.

      Thanx so much for sharing! -=)

  • Great post. keep it coming.

    • Awesome dude. Dope site too! Your font reminds me of an ol' skool one called "Brooklyns Kid" – ever see it?

  • Wow! This was awesome! So many blogs to visit now. Thanks for compiling this list. The most unrealistic thing I've done this year is quitting my job last week with nothing to fall back on except my excess student aid. I have no idea what's going to happen yet, but I've never felt so excited and full of potential in my life!

    • Hahaha! WOW – what an amazing place you are in. Let me know if i can help you in anyway. Get ready for some fun!

  • Patty

    Holy Smoke Jacob! This is fantastic! Your best work yet! Thanks for compiling a great bunch of wisdom in one location! I was already a fan — now I'm a super fan!


    • Hahaha! Thanx so much Patty – Super thrilled to be on the same team as you! -=)

  • THAT is an epic collection, Jacob.

    It fits awesomely well with all the different people involved, and the super-fin images you put in between. Nice nice work.
    What I also like is that you featured a lot of people I don't know (yet).
    Going to check them out as well.

    • Mars, man, thanx so much for the contribution yo! It looks like a small part of the world was touched today in a massive way. Really appreciate what you said in the post and i'm looking fwd to collaborating with you again in the future. Chat soon dude!!

  • Great post! I have a great dis-love for the word "unrealistic"… I heard that word far too often growing up (or rather, it's insidious cousin, the phrase "let's be realistic"), and it held me back far too long :(

    Most "unrealistic" thing I've done? The first week of October I decided I needed to go to Thailand for six weeks, starting November 1st! In one month I managed to move out of the house I was renting, plan the trip overseas, sell most of my stuff, and raise enough money to fund the trip. Now here I am in Thailand, getting ready to head back home after one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

    It's funny, so many people responded to the news of my trip with "Gee, I wish I could do something like that!" They didn't seem to appreciate it much when I told them they could, if they only made it a priority ;)

    • Hahaha – Oh sister! Heidi, i feel you BIG time.

      Thant's an AMAZING story you shared. What a wild ride!! -=)

  • Great, inspiring list. Thanks for posting.

    • Thrilled you think so Jennifer – thanx so much for stopping by! -=)

  • You could change the names on every one of the bloggers in your post and the concepts of realistic vs. unrealistic would still apply. Yet, it's accessible to see names you know, people you read and have met, and how they've found a way to conquer reality.

    On September 1, 2009, I had one client. I was late on my rent and my previous company hadn't paid me in two months. I'd lost sight of the big picture and invested everything – time and money – into a single client. I walked out the door of my one client, relieved, scared and oddly excited.

    As of December 3, 2010, I have two book deals in the works and four people working for me. I'll clear six figures – proudly declared – on my taxes for 2010. And throughout the whole summer, I didn't miss two days in a row of riding my bike :)

    I don't believe in unrealistic and impossible. I believe in me and the people I have in my life. After I close the laptop and hang up the phone, they are the two things that matter most. They're irreplaceable and invaluable, and I recommend you build your business…and life…around them. Best business model. EVAH.

    • WOW! Congratulations on your recent super successes – not the money, not the book deals, and not the employees. Rather, congratz on following your heart full force and sticking it out w your vision until it worked. Okay, okay, congrats on the other stuff too!

      Thanx so much for stopping by and dropping your jewels ;) … Chat soon!!

  • Awesome round up Jacob! I think riding that threshold of fear/excitement (they're the same emotion right?) is the only way to go. Once you get too far away from that, things tend to get stale…

    • Ah, AND the most 'unrealistic' thing I ever did was pay off more than $110k of debt in less than two years. Dave Ramsey rules :-)

      • Holy cow crap dude! AMAZING – way to come correct yo!!

    • 4sho dude! I've heard that fear is excitement without the breath. Love where you're at!

  • Tom Meitner

    This post brought a number of emotions to me: depression, excitement, anger, frustration, and, well, motivation. I've been blogging for over 2 years now and it frustrates me that so many others have started – even after me! – and have achieved the dream.

    But it also motivates me, knowing I may be just a few tweaks away from figuring this thing out! Thanks to Jacob for putting together this list, and thanks to all 48 that provided comments!

    • Hey Tom – Thanx so much stopping by!! Not too sure what do you meant by "have achieved the dream."

      Stoked that you were motivated by this posting. Chat soon!

  • Great post & share Jacob! I was regularly banged over the head for being being "unrealistic" at high school. So get busy, get real and live your life… don't let anyone or anything hold you back.

    • Hahaha.. LOVE it James. Banged over the head, yeah it happens to the best of us -=) Thanx so much for passing through.

  • I have never had a real job. Someone was foolish enough to hire me and put me on the radio many years ago when I had no business being on the radio. And I have worked my ass off ever since. And 27 years later, I have had the mind blowing privilege of launching three media companies, two major events, two swings at private consulting and at last count about 8,452,783 mistakes. And I just found out that it only took me 975 days and 600 blog posts to find out that people seem to actually read my stuff and hire me to help them build their companies. And I cannot wait to get up tomorrow to do it even better.

    • WOW! Kneale, that is AMAZING! Can't wait till i get to 8,452,783 mistakes myself (think i'm pretty close tho) — Love the mindset man – keep up the awesomeness!

  • Jacob…
    Chills, goosebumps, WOW! Just read *every* word- now how am I supposed to go to sleep this fired up??? Congrats on your HUGE win. Because you took on this challenge, we all get to learn from and share this collective wisdom. Thanks! I'll share a few "unrealistic things" this mom has done:
    1. In May, I met OPRAH, Gayle, Dr.Oz, and Suze Orman because I was a top fundraiser for a charity walk.
    2. I've gone skydiving and done a mini-triathalon without training~just because someone asked me to!
    3. I created an online business from a product I created and we've been profitable since the first month.
    4.. After dropping out of medical school, I backpacked solo for 6 months through Europe and found myself!
    5. I wrote Tim Ferriss a candid letter and told him he should take the porn star reference off his marketing material and the cover of his book because he was a Renaissance man…and he wrote me back *AND* he removed the verbage from his marketing material and the cover of his new book!
    I already like to think "unrealistically" but I appreciate you turnin' it up a notch! Keep it up!

    • e boogie! You are the queen of razor smooth bad ass unrealisticness. Thanx so much for all of your help, BUT, tomorrow is gonna' be a quick call -=)

      1 2 3 4 5 alive yo. Somehow i didn't already know ALL that aboutcha'. Super cool. Super you.

  • 80daymillionaire

    This guy…glad to see what you were hard at work on for the past two weeks bro.

    Came out looking so so def and I say this after learning about so many other bloggers I'd never heard of before but, like Dorian, am looking forward to meeting!

    Killer List man, killer list!

  • High fives bro! Brilliant initiative and thanks for inviting me to be a small piece of it!

    • Thanx SO much E… you came through BIG on it!

  • Great inspiration from those who have gone before me. Starting my journey to do what some think are unrealistic.

    • Super cool – what does ur journey look like?

  • Kathy

    Way to go, Jacob! Looks like the momentum is mounting and soon the task at hand will be keeping it all the way YOU want it…you continue to build on a foundation of honesty, good intentions, fearlessness, and ACTION! You've already blown the "glass ceiling", so it looks to me as if you are well on your way to securing and sharing the lifestyle you envisioned! Congratulations and thanks for giving us all a vicarious ride along with you…I'm sure many of us will gain the impetus to challenge ourselves and go after our own dreams!

    • KATHY!! haha, i love it. Thanks so much for sharing your life with me and being part of this wild ride as well. It been a WILD WILD WILD week…More fun to come. Appreciate you big time!

  • Margo

    Amazing, innovative, and inspiring as always. You're my hero. :o)

    • LMAO! Thanx so much Margo, for cracking me up that is! -=)

  • barroncuadro

    that's a helluva list man, great job rounding all this up, so much to learn and soak in!

    • Appreciate it bro – maybe its best to let it "punch you in the face" instead of soaking it in. I mean that in the most loving way possible! Chat soon dude.

    Thanks for such an amazing source of inspiration!!! I have truly felt a shift due to this and I have just scratched the surface of investigating all of these amazing people.
    ALSO…..I LOVE THE DIGITAL LANDSCAPES! too many words start to boggel my mind…thanks for the providing relief.
    love and light!

    • Ahhhhh my pleasure Kathy! Glad to be of assistance -=) Let me know how this impacts you, if it does…

  • It looks amazing, what a great job you did compiling them and the layout is fantastic. Many thanks for including my birth story:)

    Happy hols if we don't speak again til then:)

    • Annabel. THANK YOU! so. much. -=) I loved your story, super inspiring and it looks like we really spoke to some people in a BIG way this week (maybe not as big as 11lbs but BIG)… Looking fwd to linking…

  • Unrealistic? Hmm, getting the courage to go dancing. Yes, for me dancing was the thing I couldn’t do. Too self concious. A real hurdle which I finally jumped age 32. Since learned to play bagpipes to play one of the appropriate instruments for French social dancing.

    Started my own company. First attempt at a product – product complete but ran out of money. Second attempt is, financially viable, lots of blue chip customers. About to start a web startup in a non-tech industry. I still don’t think of myself as a success despite starting and running a company without borrowing any money and the company is viable – seems a lot of entrepreneurs feel the same way.

    You can do it. Stop thinking about it and do it. If you keep thinking and don’t start then you’ll never do it.

    But for me, the biggest hurdle was overcoming my self conciousness and starting dancing. And now I also play for dancing, so I see both sides.

    • WOW Stephen! On the dancing tip – i just wrote a guest post for about "my dancing deficiency" (coming soon!)

      Congratz on – i used to work for an IT company myself (the networking side).

      Success is an elusive term dude, give urself some credit tho. Chat soon..

  • luxgen

    where do i find these stunning pictures?

  • I'm with many of the people on the list in that it doesn't seem that what others believe is unrealistic, feels quite natural when you go with the flow at the time. Mine are probably falling in love and marrying with the man of my dreams in 3 short months and still being happily married 17+ years later. Quitting our corporate jobs, selling nearly everything we owned and backpacking around South America for a year. Then quitting my next corporate job to stary my own marketing company, and I'll celebrate 10 years in business next year.

    This is one of life's most valuable questions, and thank you for asking.

    • WOW! That is just amazing – congratulations for living life on your own terms. And after just 3 months – gees! -=)

  • The idea is simple and it worked!! Thank you for this list of new people that I can now check out and be inspired by… it has given me a serious energy boost. I agree with Lori, you belong on your own list.

    Also I LOVED the digital images through out the post…it worked so well with the whole subject of what the hell IS realistic (reality) anyway? When I would start to get overwhelmed with words, which I do easily I could just drift off for a few into another world to think it all over.

    • Haha so cool Kathy – i loved those images too – the dude who did them is one of my favs. (

      So let me know when you answer that question: what the hell IS realistic (reality) anyway? Chat soon…

  • Simply amazing. Jacob going hard in the paint!!! Do your thing bro… got me moving!!!!!!!

    • Hahahaha… i love it yo. keep me posted and that movement – give and go status.

  • Absolutely uplifting post….

    Great job for contacting all these people as well. That alone is a daunting task most people won't do, but because you did it, you are remarkable!

    The most unrealistic thing I have done, was audition for an entertainment company, who took me and trained me to play a super hero I was crazy about as a kid.

    As a child if thought what I wanted to be when I grew up, the coolest thing I could think was a "Red Power Ranger"

    Not at ALL possible right.

    NOPE…I worked at Disney and actually became a performer playing the "Red Ranger"


  • Hahaha WOW… that is bugged out dude! GREAT job (pun intended ;)

    Thanx so much for the feedback and i'm lookin' fwd to finding out more about the goodness you've got going on… -=)

  • Ahah! Finally found the post Srini was talking about in your Blogcast interview. Good stuff getting all the info together! Keep the mo up!

  • Very nice. Thank you!!

  • Excellent post. Thank you for compiling such an inspiring group of people to tell their stories. I am currently doing the most unrealistic thing I've ever done: Surgical clerkship rotation in my 3rd year of medical school at age 47, in Israel!

    • Haha yikes!! I'll be heading to Israel myself at the end of the month. Thanx for sharing!

  • Enter text right here!

  • Just discovered your blog today through twitter. It's great! I'm gunna def. become a regular. I am currently traveling the world, and I had an epiphany while in India of what exactly I want to do for the rest of my life. The one thing that makes me feel like nothing else ever could. That is acting. Your site is just another sign (of the many I have been getting over the past few months) that it is so important to follow what makes you happy and give your all to it no matter what.

    • Kristen! Thrilled to be hearing about your ah-ha moment – thanx for sharing! Would love to touch base with you when i make it out to Asia! -=)

  • We have to stop with these judgments of realistic and unrealistic, possible and impossible….and just do! Life, in many ways, is so much easier than we make it out to be. Life is so much more fun when we come from a place of truth and integrity within, that place of infinite strength and ambition, instead of letting all these social constructs of should and supposed to and average and blah blah blah limit our ideas of what is possible. Thanks for an awesome post!

    • Hahaha… nice! Looking fwd to finding out more about how you're doing that in the future…

  • Mike Laskey

    Jacob – I'm sorry but you are no longer surprising me…lol… Good shtuff 24/7. You need to write a book of "jacob-isms" or someone is going to write it for you… "that kind of talk really farts in my elevator". Where do you get this stuff. I'm now going to have to start speaking in quotation marks ("____" by Jacob). You da man! Cheers!

    • LOLOLOL!! Stoked it speaks to you Mike. Looking fwd to connecting more in the future! -=)

  • This was very inspiring Jacob. I was in a deadend sales job selling advertising for a print magazine. The opportunity arose to start selling for a startup website. I am doing alot of the same things but am having fun doing it. I enjoy work now more than I ever have and see great potential for the future. The most unrealistic thing I have done so far is to be over fifty and take a chance on something entirely new and exciting in the hopes of changing my life for the better.

  • The definition of 'epic'!

  • KimZA

    Thank You Jacob! This is fantastic! This is what I needed to read right now! I think it's safe to say this is my favourite blog post EVER. I'm currently teaching in Asia and my contract ends in 8days (hell to the yes!). I'm going to be pursuing a location independant income. I'm learning new things, and re-learning old things. Things I'd never thought I'd be doing. A year ago I would have thought this crazy. I'm sure people back home will think it crazy.
    I don't know what it will be like maintaining this mind-set and everything else back home in a very non-inspiring environment and unsupportive people. So sometimes I need to read a little something…and this is perfect! Thank you. Needed it today.

  • Unrealistic? I got pregnant and married when I was 17. I gave birth to four daughters by the time I was 22. Third pregnancy twins. WE worked our arses off to make it work. The girls are 39, 37, and 35, 35. This January is our 40th wedding anniversay and we still like each other;) Who would've thought??

  • Nicole

    This is Awesome!!!!

  • Great items from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff prior to and you are just extremely wonderful. I really like what you’ve bought right here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which wherein you say it. You make it enjoyable and you continue to take care of to stay it wise. I can’t wait to read much more from you. That is actually a tremendous web site.

  • Thanks for this great post compiling all the ‘unrealistic’ people out there.

    Our most unrealistic adventure is driving from Alaska to Argentina with our five kids. Others think it’s insane, but for us it’s become entirely normal – and we love every day of it (currently in Guatemala).

    Thanks again!

  • Great post…thanks
    I once (wouldn't want to try it again) walked away from an outlaw biker life even though I didn't think I would survive it and in 5 years took home the Mr. America title. Physically, morally, spiritually and financially I was a great deal healthier but I sure missed the beer.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the shot in the arm….by all of you! I find I typically fall back into fear all the while knowing that my potential is limited by my own mind.

  • Ok this is officially the best list post I've ever read and that says a lot because I normally HATE them. Also, I think this is my first time to your blog? Where the hell was I?? :) And I liked Derek's answer the most. Whoa, cool guy.. Awesome experiences and love the CD Baby story too.

    My answer would be something like move cross continental from Oregon to the Philippines, walk 660 km on a tropical island, and survive in Manila while living on less than $3,000 and supporting two people (me and local boyfriend) while slowly building my graphic/web design business.

  • I am continually searching online pertaining to articles that could help me personally. Thx!

  • Fantastic blog post, J! And look at all those comments! Man, you've come a long way. AMAZING. Congrats!

    Most 'unrealistic' things I've done? I went to 3 different schools and universities (after high school) where everyone said I didn't even need to apply because it was impossible to get it. Well, I got in. Each time.
    Also, I've lived in my dream place: London, NYC, California, now Berlin. Many more to come, I hope. I've met some of my personal heroes (like Larry David and Tina Fey).

    Looking at it, lots of stuff. I seemed to have lost the ability to do crazy badass things lately. Trying to gain it back :) Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  • susan

    Before I read this post I thought I had not done anything "unrealistic" in my life, and as I read on, I thought of a bunch
    of things! Thanks so much for the inspiration and boost in my self confidence! I thought of when I applied to the one
    college I wanted to go to, and got in. And after I graduated, I put everything I owned into the trunk of my old car and drove
    to Dallas, no place to live, no job, no money, just thought it would be cool And it worked out! I remembered as one of the
    bloggers wrote how I had a VBAC delivery with my second child, and how it took some time to convince my doctor to agree.
    And that worked out! Recently, I joined a group to get over my lifelong fear of public speaking and I am rockin' that program.
    And most impressively, I recently found the courage to leave a long and unhappy marriage for a life on my own terms.
    Each time I did these "unrealistic" things, I never had a plan B, I felt like I really did not even have a choice, I HAD to do
    these things, however unrealistic they were. Plenty of people told me how unrealistic I was being and that kept me from
    advancing until I hit a wall with many of these issues. In the future I will ignore these naysayers and advance so much
    faster with my dreams, my ":unrealistic" dreams.

  • Stefania

    Thank you for your Amazing blog post Jacob!

    I would like to share something that donald trump said: "It takes brainpower and energy to think positively and creatively – and to see creatively and positively. Going negative is the easy way, the lazy way."

    p.s. Wonderful pictures!

  • Well done Jacob! You constructed a really excellent deal of details here. Really like your website. Keep up the excellent work!

  • I really like studying strategies exciting authors.

  • Kimberly

    Fantastic post, full of great information!! Impossible is Nothing…Unrealistic, a word that should be eliminated from everyone's vocabulary!! I went to Australia with an overnight bag, no planned place to stay, $100 in pocket and about the same in my bank account. I stayed for 5 months travelled around the country, met some really amazing people and added some insanely fantastic experiences to my collection of memories!! I didn't like being told it couldn't be done or that's dangerous for a girl so I went and did it!! ;)

  • Hank

    Awesome post. It took me entire afternoon to go through this post as I was checking profiles of almost everyone. Many of them were unknown to me but story of every person mentioned here is super inspiring. Thanks Jacob for this post.nnnOn purpose to find a purpose,nHank! ;-)

  • This is so inspiring! All of us should go though this list because all of us, at some point of time, have to deal with a tiny noise inside making us doubt ourselves and our decisions. Thanks a bunch.

  • Alexander Dunlop

    The most unrealistic thing I ever accomplished is finding the ancient Book of Life. It was hidden in plain sight as the deck of 52 playing cards. And it was at a party in Brooklyn that I first found it…

    When I was 17 years old, I went on a retreat offered by my Catholic high
    school. On the last night of the retreat, a priest spoke to us about
    walls around our hearts. It affected me deeply. Afterwards, I sat with
    him in a face-to-face Confession. I don’t remember what I said. But
    when I finished, he stood to offer the traditional prayer of Absolution,
    one I had heard countless times in my youth.

    As he prayed, he
    touched his hands to my forehead. The moment he did, something went
    woooshh right through my body from head to toe. It felt like a
    split-second flash of electricity and water, all at once. The
    experience left me feeling washed clean. And in that moment, I realized
    there was something real behind all the religious dogma.

    It launched me on a quest to know whatever THAT was that had flashed right through me…

    quest led me deep into Christianity, where I became a Born-Again
    Evangelical Minister. I led prayer groups and Bible studies on the
    Harvard campus as an undergrad. After studying philosophy at Harvard, I
    wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. So, I enrolled in Weston Jesuit
    Theological Seminary, but after two years I realized I did not want to
    be a priest.

    Then, after working on Wall Street as a consultant, I
    travelled to India where I meditated 8-hours a day and was initiated as
    a Swami. I returned to the US and helped launch a successful holistic
    health center. I became raw vegan for a while, and I apprenticed to
    Shamans in the Lakota and Shipibo traditions. I also studied every book
    of knowledge I could find and tried every psychedelic drug I could

    But despite all my searching, I did not find what I was
    looking for until I found the real meaning of the playing cards. You
    see, the deck of cards is actually the ancient Book of Life. It was
    hidden in plain sight. Once I found what’s written for me in the Book
    of Life, I resolved my quest.

    THAT WAS COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTED to find Life’s answers in the deck of playing cards. :-)