Dear Universe,


As I wrap up The Thank You Project 2011, I decided to dedicate my last thank you letter to you ya old dog. You’re a funny-faced son’uvah’bitch.  Seriously, stop with the silly shenanigans, you’re making me laugh you raging lunatic.


Firstly, let me start this whole shebang off by saying something you need to know if this is ever gonna work… I appreciate you.


You gave me life, and one day, you’ll take it back. But before you decide to renege on the right to my physical presence, I intend to make the most of the gift you’ve given me. I try to remind you daily of how grateful I am to share my life with you, but sometimes, I’m not sure you get the message.


The truth is, you’re not always the easiest to get along with. I’m suspicious that you’ve got some internal issues going on behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s just that time of the month and I need to be more understanding. Whatever. I seem to always find out about your cycles somehow. Either it’s when I’m expecting to score, or when I think that dinner’s kosher and then you come and mix the meat with milk.


Anyway, I won’t deny that you’re more than worth the occasional heartache and hassle. And I understand that you’ve got a game plan that I just can’t completely comprehend at times. You work in weird ways which are unbeknownst to me but underneath the continuous pinching of my ass, I trust the power of your divine intelligence.


How would I learn compassion without suffering of my own?

How could I ever live fully alive if I wasn’t deadweight for a while?


A little bit of pain for a lot of pleasure, fulfillment, and adventure. There’s times when I look into your eyes and am awe-stuck. A simple gaze at the right time silently speaks to my soul in a way which only you and I could ever know. It’s as if we’re really one – no separation and no miscommunication. There’s an ineffable magic in our moments that could never quite be captured. You’re sexy. You’re soothing. You’re outright spectacular.


Sometimes I’m madly in love with you. And sometimes I feel like choking you out. It’s like a good Eminem song.


As we become more intimately involved, our relationship has evolved. And although I can’t change or control you, I’ve learned to trust you. In my later years, I’ve learned to not take things so personally. We both freak out at times – you with your natural disasters and me with my occasional meltdowns. But I’m onto you. I’m wise to your play book.


Persistent pressure and high heat is how diamonds are mined. How am I going to shine unless you put me through the process of becoming all I can be?


Thank you for throwing me through the trenches and lighting a fire under my ass when shit starts to cool down. Today is the 100th post on Sensophy and I dedicate it to you love. I appreciate you.

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  • Kathy says:

    Ahhhh, love…that sometimes elusive, always transformative source which keeps us warm inside, soothes the soul and makes us giddy with joy…and can also give us the crazies and hurt to the bone…I think you just made a memorable tribute, my friend and I'm happy to have read it here in the wee hours of the morn! Keep on keepin' on sweet Jacob with the big heart! I've got your back, along with the rest of your devoted peeps…sweet dreams

  • Rachel says:

    Beautiful, and a reminder that we become more when we are challenged, I love it!
    Thank you

  • Dawn says:

    Love is a many spledid thing…

    Trust and faith in the greater plan…the plan that is right for us, even if we have to squeeze ourselves through the keyhole now and again.

    Beautiful man, just beautiful!!

  • Adrian Collins says:

    The universe can be a mischievous beast at times but the one thing I've learned that helped go leaps and bounds is to just go with its flow. I'm not talking about laziness here but I've come to learn to accept that some thing cannot be controlled.

    That is why every time before I do something big, I write a little message reminding myself to go with the flow of the universe and not try to control everything. I only started doing this recently but it has worked wonders. The universe knows best, let it be, I say.

  • Rob says:

    Awesome post man. You got it spot on, we’ll never understand the ways of the universe, just gotta trust it knows what its doing… congrats on the 100 posts too :-)

  • HAha, very creative post. Sometimes the universe does act like it's that time of the month but either way it tries to help up no matter what. Great post.

  • Gail says:

    Hi Jacob!

    it's like you're writing the words i always felt but never knew how to express, amazing :D
    love it love it!

  • Lynne says:

    In all honesty & appreciation – 'beautiful post' there is a raw openness to what you share with us that always touches me. You are brave, vunerable, strong, delicate – you are so many things – & all things that make you the unique wonderful man that you are. Bless you & All good things to you. x

  • Kathy says:

    Hey Jacob,
    Beautiful post…from the heart. Congratulations on 100 posts! It has been amazing to follow your journey…and what a journey it has been!
    Jacob, I want to thank you!!!…for baring your beautiful soul and mind to us here on Sensophy…. again and again. That consistency in itself has been huge and Johnny Cash would tell you…"YOU WALK THE LINE". Your dedication has really inspired me to be more dedicated, mindful, appreciative, loving and playful of/with/to my purpose. What would this beautiful journey be with our purpose? VIVA LA PURPOSE!!

    Regarding the universe….ohhhhhhh the mysterious wonder that plays our souls…more and more I am starting to understand….we are the universe….it is like a wave on the ocean…it comes, stays for awhile and returns…the question is….what is the wave and what is the ocean?

    Love and light to you dear Jacob and all.

    • Jacob_Sokol says:

      Kathy! Thank you so much for all of the support, comments, emails, shares, encouragement, and faith during this journey we're sharing. Your wisdom resonates so much! Massively big bear hugs!!

  • Gunja says:

    wow…100 posts…that must feel so good…I can only imagine :)
    love the letter….n love the li'l change of pic….
    keep up the great work !
    p.s. trusting the Universe is something I'm learning too….though finding it difficult…guess, the Universe will eventually teach me..like she has taught you and the awesome others out there….wish me luck :)

    • Jacob_Sokol says:

      Ahhhhh Gunja! Thanx so much homey!!

      Trusting the universe is something i'm still working on as well – especially when walked the tightrope!! But what other option is there if we're going to be all that we can be?

      Much love! (and luck ;))

  • Electra says:

    In my best Rhianna voice, "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn? That's alright because I like the way it hurts" (nod to Em) I'll imagine this when the Universe "lights a fire" because I have cooled down a bit. Thanks for the reminder that we're all diamonds in the rough.
    Jacob, this post, like you, is ALL HEART. Soul traveling brother, from Yo! to "flow"…THANK YOU for living out LOUD. So glad the Universe led me to Jacobville! Inside that head of yours is a deep yet hilarious, magic carpet ride of an adventure- part naughty, part nice- ALL GOOD! Thanks for letting your life SPEAK…we're all ears.
    Big love little brother,

  • Sal says:

    Dude, your creative juices were FLOWWWWIIINNNN for this!!!! Loved it man… And hey CONGRATS on 100!!!!

  • Margo says:

    Sigh….what a beautiful love letter. You hit the nail right on the head and did it in a way that's actually very flattering you sweet talker you. Congrats on your landmark post. It's a doozie :o)

  • Jacob_Sokol says:

    LMAO. You are hilarious. Big Grin =D… Thank You Jayne!!

  • Amazing post, Jacob. I resonate highly with this, and you need an award for writing this:

    "Either it’s when I’m expecting to score, or when I think that dinner’s kosher and then you come and mix the meat with milk."

    Hahaha! Absolutely brilliant. Hopefully, the universe has a good, Jewish sense of humor. :)

    Take care,
    Josh Lipovetsky

  • Rita says:

    You never fail to surprise and amaze me. Thank you for taking some of the words right out of my mouth Jacob. you're awesome.

  • Well Jacob, I'm not sure exactly when I jumped on board with you and started sending out thank you messages every day — three weeks ago now? a month? — but I've been keeping up with it every day and I gotta say it's been fantastic. So fantastic that I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

    Fittingly enough, you're the person I decided I was going to thank today, before I even read this post. Thanks for all you do and write, for your great energy and for the good vibes. So glad I had a chance to meet you in person at WDS.

    Keep doing what you do, man.

    Yours gratefully,

    – ND

    • Jacob_Sokol says:

      DUDE! My spam filter has been playa hating on your comments. Just saw this now.

      Talk about integrity – WOW! I'm remarkably impressed with your commitment to sending out those thank yous. And i echo those warm words right back atcha bro… Was awesome to kick it for a few at WDS and i look fwd to chillen again soon.

      Rock On.

  • Esther says:

    Gratefulness is a beautiful emotion, and I like how you've mixed it with a splash of humor :-)

  • AMPowers says:

    Now talkin' about synchronicity…I just read a few lines in and I can hear your voice in my head as I read the words and me thinks "Jacob is like the Eminem of Inspiration" and then you mention him yourself a few paragraphs later ;) Opinions vary from person to person but you have that "rapper passion" Jacob. It's genuine, fresh and a tad bit risque but hey, you so tell it like it is. A lot of these experiences can't fully be expresses by word alone but you come pretty darn close to the real thang!!! Thanks Jacob for being the progressive visionary you are :)

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